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Something changed in Hanks. As the producer for the anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change,” Hanks left the pedestal I had placed him on and entered the world of being nothing more than a merchant of Leftist smear.

Seriously, how does Hanks portend to to idolize America’s Greatest Generation as he’s stated in interviews about “Band of Brothers” while simultaneously supporting leaders who would make our grandfathers and their WWII brothers weep? How can a “patriot” support a president like Obama who would refer to the Constitution of the Unites States as “some rigid idea of what government should or shouldn’t do”?

Deciding to engage in a lying, disingenuous smear on Palin is even a step further into his ideological vomit. Hanks, with all his money, power, goodwill and influence, has chosen to join his Democratic friends in attacking a strong conservative woman with an impeccable record of success and service. Hanks has joined the likes of his fellow Democrat, Larry Flynt. As the Hustler publisher who brought his porn mag into the realm of focusing in on airbrushed women urinating, Flynt hopped aboard the anti-Palin bandwagon long before Hanks. Let us remember Flynt’s attack on Palin’s young disabled child. Flynt said young Trig Palin was not a life but a mass of cells that should’ve been aborted. Why Hanks would join forces with such a disgusting band of Palin-haters is beyond me. Maybe Hollywood got the better of him?

If Hanks was a normal, everyday guy, I’d almost get it. I once fell into thinking Palin was an idiot. During my transition from Left to Right, I bought the media lie that she didn’t read or even possess the ability to list off a few magazines. The Couric/Fey effort to deceive society had temporarily worked on me.

It wasn’t until efforts like Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated” that I saw the context of those interviews that made “everyone” hate Palin. Realizing I’d been deceived, I looked further. I found Palin to be someone who I not only admire, but someone who represents what the Left claims they idealize – a brilliant woman who successfully took on both Left and Right establishments for the good of people. Maybe everyday liberals wouldn’t step outside of their HuffPo echo chamber and realize who and what Palin really is. But Hanks is smarter than the average Joe. He knows Palin’s success story. He knows the men and women from our Greatest Generation would love and defend what Palin represents.

Go read the rest of this excellent piece. Hanks provides voice-over for David Guggenheim’s Barack Obama disinfomercial.