So, whom would she execute? ABC:

“Joseph Kony,” she said. “I hate him.”

Her anger even then towards Kony was a visceral reminder of just how tough the actress can be when she’s fighting for a cause — Since 2001, Jolie has conducted humanitarian field missions in more than 20 countries, launched a foundation to help combat extreme poverty and protect natural resources, and adopted sons Maddox, 10, from Cambodia, and Pax, 8, from Vietnam, as well as daughter Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia.

“When I have to protect something in my life or when I’ve decided there’s something I have to accomplish, I do, I do kind of push to the end and I don’t take ‘no’ very well,” Jolie said. “If it came down to something I had to do, I would believe in what I’m fighting for and I’m not afraid.”

I sometimes get the feeling she’s not all that liberal.