Ms. Magazine’s blog:

Reporting of that day has focused on the subsequent clashes between Christian and Muslim men. But what I saw first were men intent on breaking up the women’s protest. “Go home,” one sheik, hoisted on the shoulders of another man, told women. Others shouted slogans such as “Not valid!” that had been used against Mubarak in the same space just weeks earlier. One man held up a sign reading “Not now,” arguing to me that the demonstrations were “instruments of the West.”

Amira Khalil, 22, was pulled away from her group of friends at the march, verbally attacked and groped by several men. One of her male friends came to her aid, shaking with anger.

Arab spring: Strong enough for a man, but if a woman tries using it she’ll be dealt with.

Also, some women are not decorative:!/richard_mcenroe/status/177783888783998978/