It’s been more than four months since Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump, and Democrats are still crying “Russia!”



It doesn’t matter that there’s no concrete evidence supporting collusion between the Trump camp and Russian entities.

Democrats insist they’ll find something once an independent investigation is conducted.

And the press just keeps running with it.


Of course, the MSM didn’t rekindle Americans’ Russophobia on their own. They had a bit of help.


However, before Democrats go all McCarthy on Republicans who have had contact with Russia (which isn’t unusual or illegal), maybe they should look at members of their own party.

Oh, the hypocrisy.


Perhaps Democrats simply forgot about their meetings with the Russian ambassador.



And let’s not forget about Schumer or Pelosi.

Or the dozens of other Democrats that had contact with Russia.

Or the 22 times this guy met with the Obama administration.

It looks like Putin’s going to need a bigger bed.