The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the most tweeted debate in history. Last night, more than 17 million tweets were posted in response to the debate. Sunday saw nearly 30 million tweets come in throughout the day, making it the most tweeted day of the 2016 election.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Cnet, Trump dominated 64 percent of the Twitter conversation, while Clinton only held 36 percent of the conversation. However, 74 percent of tweets mentioning Trump were negative compared to Clinton who was only mentioned negatively 53 percent of the time.

Here are 27 of the most memorable tweets from the night, in no particular order.

Things started off civil and calm…and then the first question was asked.

Things took a nasty turn and got extremely awkward.

Trump threw out the most memorable—and possibly the greatest—line of the night.

Can’t forget this one, either. 

Many felt like it was watching a twisted version of some television show.

Or some standup, filled with some pretty sick jokes that no one felt comfortable laughing at.

Some viewers jumped on this opportunity.  

Trump, and Twitter, pointed out that the debate seemed to be three on one.

And despite being a ‘forum,’ the audience wasn’t all that involved.

Although, one of them did submit a final question which was rather unexpected.

Trump gave an amicable enough response, saying he admired Hillary’s perseverance, drive and the fight within her. Hillary wasn’t as kind.

There you have it; the debate as told by twitter.