Has the transgender movement gone too far? A school district in Maryland is making headlines for telling its teachers they have to let transgender girls sleep with biological girls on field trips—without informing the other students’ parents.

This is, naturally, upsetting to a lot of people. But if you have trouble articulating exactly why it’s upsetting to you, look no further than Ben Shapiro’s most recent podcast.

He called the episode, “The Government Goes Nuts for Transgenderism.”

Here’s what he had to say:

We’re going to start today with transgender identity. The federal government has decided that it is absolutely vital and important that everyone in America believe that men can become women and women can become men. And it’s so vital that they can force children to engage in this fantasy, and if you as a parent say no, then presumably, they will come in and take your kids—that’s really where this is going.

The government will come and take your kids? Really?


The real issue is that the federal government has decided that certain subjective realities can now be imposed on everyone by force of government. The government says that if you believe that there’s a God, and you believe that that God gave us a Bible, and therefore you believe it’s sinful for you to take part in a same-sex wedding, the government says your subjective reality must be overruled by our version of reality in which the Bible is nonsense and you have to serve the gay couple.

Your subjective reality as a religious person is irrelevant to our concerns.

But, when it comes to a transgender person saying they’re a girl, then suddenly we have to abide by their subjective reality.

What’s worse, if you reject to this as a parent, then they’re going to take away your kid. That’s where this is going. It’s really dangerous stuff. It’s a very short step from “your kid is in a bedroom with a transgender boy and we’re not telling you about it” to “your kid is having transgender feelings is having gender dysmorphia, is confused about his or her gender—you think that that’s evidence that this kid needs some psychological help, and we think that means the kid needs to transition, we’re coming into the home and seizing the kid.” For the protection of the child, the child cannot be victimized by you and your benighted ideas about biological sex. That’s where this is going.

Sound far-fetched? It’s already happening with regards to homosexuality.

If you have a kid and you’re a religious person and your kid has sexual attraction to another kid of the same sex and you say, “Ok, let’s treat that, let’s talk about whether that’s a good thing, let’s see if you’re if you’re actually gay or actually straight, if there’s a way to alter your sexual behavior,”—that’s now illegal in the state of California.

You can see that’s going to be the next step here. You have a kid, your kid’s three years old. One day they want to dress up as a boy and they’re a girl, and you say, “Honey, cut it out,” and then the kid goes and tells the teacher, “I wanted to dress up as a boy and mommy said that I couldn’t,” and next thing you know the teacher is calling Child Protective Services and saying that you’re damaging the psyche of the child.

Scary stuff when it comes to parenting, but it’s all too easy to imagine.

Watch his entire explanation here: