According to pollster Frank Luntz, there’s one very simple way Donald Trump could win the election.


Be the candidate against Washington waste.

He told Katie Couric on her podcast that Americans hate government waste so much that this simple plan would basically ensure he became president.

Specifically, Trump should announce that he’ll conduct a “forensic audit” of the US budget. He should promise he’ll cut every program that doesn’t work and hold everyone in charge of those programs responsible as well.

If he does these things, Luntz argued, Trump will be the next president.

“He needs to be specific with one program that bothers the American people more than anything else,” Luntz said.

But Trump wasn’t the only one Luntz had advice for.

For Hillary Clinton to win, Luntz said, she needs to fix her authenticity.

“She needs to level, she needs to be candid and humble,” he said.

He gave two strategies for how she might accomplish this.

“If she did an interview—and I’m going to be specific—with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes, and Leslie was the way she usually is, which is tough but fair, and she were to say, “I am far from perfect, and I have made significant mistakes in my career, but I ask that you examine the balance. I ask you to examine the things I got wrong and compare it to the things I got right. And it is essential that I level with the American people, because I am asking them for my support”—if she did that, she is the next president,” said Luntz.

As if that advice weren’t solid enough, he gave another suggestion.

If I were her campaign manager, I would tell her to lower the podium, as she walks out onto the stage. Have the podium go down slowly and say to the audience and to the world:

 “My name is Hillary Clinton. I have been a lawyer, a researcher, the Secretary of State, a United States senator. I’ve prepared my entire life for what is arguably the toughest job on the face of the globe. And I don’t need a teleprompter to tell you where I stand or what I will do.”

And then she delivers the speech as she has delivered without a podium, without that teleprompter that’s right out the center—she can do it.

The contrast between her and Trump if she were to do this would be so significant. And she can absolutely do it. So why not? Why do it the way it’s always been done before when you know that the American people desperately want you to look them straight in the eye.”

So, there you go, Hillary and Trump. Two very solid strategies for how you could win the election.

Can’t wait for you guys to keep spiraling into the gutter instead.