In what was undoubtedly the biggest story of the night, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave a thoughtful, well-delivered speech that offered a strong defense of conservative values and made an equally strong case for why he was chosen as the vice presidential pick.

One of the most resonant moments was when he introduced his wife as “the girl of my dreams” and “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Very touching.

He also praised Donald Trump’s family and how well they reflect on Trump as a father. “You can’t fake good kids,” he said.

In another quotable moment, Pence promised that Trump would bring “huge” change as president.

Some Twitter users pointed out, however, that Pence didn’t say it with quite the same Trumpian flair:

The speech impressed many, even among those who were unsure of the Pence pick initially.

Very positive reactions overall:

Some even attributed Trump’s future election to Pence.

Many pointed out how little media coverage he received the next day:

But it just didn’t generate enough controversy, save for a couple stories about him plagiarizing six words from Bill Clinton.

Apparently, no one on earth has ever said “boundless capacity of the American people” besides Bill Clinton.

So besides that non-controversy, nothing else particularly out of the ordinary happened.

Well… almost nothing.

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