Donald J. Trump Jr. was the undisputed star of the RNC last night, delivering a funny and heartfelt speech about his father.

Even Rachel Maddow was a fan: “He absolutely nailed it. By far the best speech of this convention. He’s not just good at, for the first time, braiding together the case for Donald Trump and Republican orthodoxy in terms of policy, but delivered it better than the pros… I thought this was excellent.”

An RNC focus group was also blown away, with an intensity that pollster Frank Luntz had never seen before. Here are some of their remarks:

“This man got right to my heart. He was down-to-earth.”

“As a parent myself, I know that my children are a reflection of me, and I think he reflects well on he father.”

“There’s a certain level of humility there that he exudes. It shows gratitude.”

When asked who would want him to run for office in the future, 17 out of 19 raised their hand.

“This never happens,” Luntz said with astonishment.

Watch his full remarks HERE:

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