Black Lives Matter protesters want us to take them seriously. But that’s pretty hard when all they do is scream at the top of their lungs.

Matt Finn, a Fox News reporter based in Chicago, went up to Minneapolis over the weekend to cover Philando Castile’s death and the ensuing protests. When he calmly asked Black Lives Matter activists some questions, he was met with the craziest response.

There are no words to describe the full insanity of what you’re about to see:

How are they not exhausted from yelling that much? Don’t these people need to take a breath once in a while?

You can click here to watch an uncensored, uncut video of Finn’s encounter with the protesters (warning: graphic language). It’s perhaps even wilder than the last one.

“You are a disgrace to journalism! You are a disgrace to journalism! You are a white supremacist puppet,” a woman screamed through a megaphone in close proximity to Finn.

The activist did not elaborate on why she believed asking questions like “Sir, can I ask you, why are you cursing the police?” and “I asked you why you’re cursing the police and why you’re here. Tell me why you’re here” constitute white supremacy.

One woman countered, “Why are you here?” (with a bit more profanity).

These protesters are supposed to in favor of free speech and the right to protest. Plus, BLM activists always say they want to get the BLM message out to the world. In theory, then, the protesters should welcome the Fox reporter’s opportunity to broadcast their opinions on a national platform.

fox reporter blm

But clearly these people aren’t very rational.

The video has over 13 million views on Facebook, and Finn is receiving praise for calm demeanor throughout the ordeal:

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