Franklin Graham, a popular evangelist leader, took to Facebook this morning to condemn Obama’s continued refusal to attack our true enemy, radical Islamic terrorism.

Graham now adds his voice to a long list of many who want Obama to simply admit the current problem with Islam we’re facing.

Obama had a very short statement on the recent Turkey attacks despite all the deaths. He said that “we stand with the people of Turkey,” and that the U.S. “intends to do what is necessary to make sure that these kinds of terrible events are not happening.”

He then proceeded to talk about global warming and others topics that didn’t involve acknowledging his failure on terrorism.

The Turkish government has had no problem blaming ISIS for the attacks. These attacks have led to 41 killed and 239 people being injured, but yet Obama doesn’t seem to think that ISIS is a serious threat.

November can’t come soon enough, maybe then we’ll have a president who will admit that ISIS is a serious problem.