Faced with an unspeakable tragedy, the people of Orlando acted with courage and generosity beyond imagination. These are just some of the heroes who rose up.

1. Edward Sotomayor Jr., who died shielding his boyfriend from bullets.

2. Malcolm Barraza, who escaped to his car to find fabric and bandage the wounded.

3. Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, who pushed her son to safety but did not escape herself.

4. Imran Yousuf, who broke through a latched exit door to allow dozens to escape.

5. Ray Rivera, who helped a woman who was hiding beneath his DJ booth find safety.

6. Joshua McGill, who used his own shirt to stop a stranger’s bleeding.

7. The thousands who donated over $4.4 million to the victims in just three days.

8. The nurses, surgeons, and emergency responders who helped save the lives of dozens of wounded.

9. The hundreds who lined up to donate blood.

The country is forever grateful for your actions.

For a more in-depth look at some of the heroes, watch this clip from David Muir of ABC News.