Digging into Hillary Clinton’s scandals has revealed a treasure trove of excuses ranging from “What difference does it make?” to dismissing the mother of a soldier who died in Benghazi.

With her email scandal back in the news, let’s take a look at 6 of her favorite excuses:

1) Vast right-wing conspiracy


This one dates back to Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, when Hillary claimed the scandal was just a “vast right-wing” conspiracy. She’s since recycled it as a defense against everything from Benghazi to her illegal email server.

Nice try.

2) Memory loss


Hillary Clinton’s 2012 concussion may be off limits for the media, but as an excuse for not remembering briefings, Hillary has no problem using the incident as an excuse.

3) Technologically incompetent


Hillary Clinton stopped using the above quote in a hurry, but that didn’t stop her from making jokes about her struggle with technology (like Snapchat).

4) It wasn’t classified


This continues to be Hillary’s go to now that some of the others on this last have been debunked. First, it was that there was “no classified material” in her emails. Then, “nothing classified at the time”. And now, “there were no headers” designating classified material. The FBI has ruled all these untrue.

5) Everyone else was doing it


Is there anyone Hillary Clinton won’t throw under the bus? Even after Colin Powell told reporters he had never used a private email server, Hillary’s campaign insists that he gave her permission.

6) Avoid talking about it


Quite possibly her favorite tactic. Hillary Clinton went 275 days during this election cycle without a press conference. And no wonder, if you were trying to juggle 3-4 different scandals at a time, would you want to talk to the media?