Seems like Vice President Joe Biden is having a little trouble keeping up with all of Hillary Clinton’s scandals.

During an interview with CNN yesterday, Biden was directly asked if Hillary had offered enough of an explanation about her Clinton Foundation ties. Biden tried to get out of the question by telling CNN he was “confident” that Hillary would act by the book, but was pressed again whether she’d done enough.

“Well, I think she’s—my understanding is she is going to make a final judgment about what they’re going to do with the Foundation and just lay it all out and this is what’s going to happen from this point on, this is who I am, this is what we’re going to do and they’re going to be good,” he said.

“It’s been a moving target. I mean, you look, the whole notion of how foundations function is now all of a sudden being put in play like it never was before,” Biden said. “So, I am absolutely confident she is doing it by the book and I think she is going to figure out what she is going to say crystal clear to the American people about what the relationship between the family and the foundation will be from this point forward.”

These reactions Biden nail exactly what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton apologists:

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