For all valid complaints about the desolate state of this country’s education system, we’re frequently reminded about the high standards and general selflessness that most of our educators strive for.

Earlier this week, Indianapolis tragically lost one of the best.

Longtime principal Susan Jordan saw a bus jump a curb at Amy Beverland Elementary School and heroically pushed multiple students out of harm’s way – sacrificing her life to save her students.

Two 10-year-old students were also struck by the bus, but were reported to be in stable condition.

“Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a legend,” Shawn A. Smith, superintendent of the Lawrence Township Schools. “We lost a great educator today.”

In 2015, her students and faculty created a moving tribute dedicated to Jordan for doing so much good for the community.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Jordan family and the Amy Beverland Elementary community – America lost a true hero this week.

  • douglasmarks

    A truly fulfilled life.

  • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Thoughts and Prayers to her and her family. We’ve heard those reports up here since it happened.

  • http://wandererswaysite.wordpress.com Wanderer

    Terrible loss. It is nice to know the community had expressed their appreciation for her before this happened, there are enough regrets here without wishing they’d told her thank you.

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

    I saw this the other day in the Post. What a lady!

    Hope that Hellary doesn’t somehow attempt to hijack this, it being a woman and all.

    • CrazyDaze✓veridicous

      Oh but it will be. And she will claim it as one of her accomplishments, as sad as it is to say that.

      • Wonder Pony

        Accomplishment #8?

  • RblDiver

    Honor to her. May the memory of her courage inspire those kids to lead good lives.

    • Mark81150 school of the Duke

      Every moment, every breath they take from that moment… is a gift purchased with love.. God, please be with her friends.. loved ones.. her students.. that they may know peace.
      now is the moment for tears… I’d hug, hold them all if I could… God Bless her, and all those she touched..

  • Snowblind

    We had a principal like this at our son’s Elementary school, and it was a blessing.

    Like this Principal, she did not sit behind her desk, it was rare to see there unless she was talking to a parent.
    No, she was out on playground, out in front every morning and afternoon, regardless of weather, talking with kids and parents who wanted to talk to her.

    I have no doubt she would do the same.
    God bless the good ones.

  • Mark81150 school of the Duke

    “13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
    God Bless you Mam… may God hold you close to his chest, and that you may know his love… the lives that you saved… I’m humbled beyond words.. I only pray my children know those like you..
    Be at peace.. you mattered… and we will remember you…..

  • Kenton Clarkson

    The bravery of women when children are in danger is unfathomable

    • Mark81150 school of the Duke

      it is…. my wife is a quiet woman.. but I have no doubt of the courage inside her with the children involved.. there is nothing she would not face to protect them… no cost to high…

      • Kenton Clarkson

        Years ago a little boy was being attacked by a shark and a woman heard him screaming, saw the shark’s fin and tail, swam out and PUNCHED THE SHARK IN THE NOSE, then dragged the boy back to shore saving his life. When she was asked about it she said: “My motherhood instincts just kicked in”.

        • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

          To be fair, fatherly instincts kick in sometimes, as happened when I was 10 and I couldn’t swim: I walked into the deep end if a hotel swimming pool and started getting a drowning sensation, when 2 people near that end got my arm & led me out of there…whereupon I found that my Dad had jumped in fully clothed from the other end to attempting to get me out of the water. When he carried me back to the hotel room (how this for 1 mother’s instinct) my Mom made like she was gonna hit me when Dad told her what happened. Here’s to good Dads who do what bad Moms don’t do, but I digress: God Bless Susan Jordan & my prayers go out to her family.

  • Mark81150 school of the Duke

    Now that is a woman who deserves a statue on the courthouse lawn… so folks will know about her, and her life generations from now..

  • Wonder Pony

    Rename the school…Today. Susan Jordan Elementary.

    • Protus Mose

      The school’s named after another teacher, not a donor or something. Kind of a kick in the teeth to take her name off.

  • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I won’t lie, when I watch a game or talk show and someone says they’re a teacher and the audience practically orgasms on command, I sneer.
    Except for two exceptions, my teachers were bullies, jerks, and always sniffing after the rich kids and letting them get away with murder.
    But this woman is a hero and deserves every round of applause made in her name.

  • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!


    RIP, Susan Jordan. You will clearly be missed by so many.

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    I feel like such a cynic. Every time I read something like this and in this case the driver’s name is withheld, I wonder if she was a radical Muslim on a jihad bender especially when she was completely sober.

    Nice to know there are school administrators out there who are more concerned about the kids than quotas. RIP, Susan Jordan, job well done.

    • TMM Goes To Washington

      It appears the cause is still under investigation, but apparently the bus had been parked and just started rolling. Maybe a defective parking brake? Jammed accelerator?

      • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        20 or 30 year old bus in need of major work?

      • The_Kat ✓vilified

        Reports said there were no mechanical issues with the bus. They haven’t completely ruled out “human error” though.

  • MoxieLouise1

    Thank you, Susan Jordan, for reminding us there are still good people around. Prayers for your family and students.

  • Michael

    I honestly have never had problems with the teachers/principals themselves. It is a sacrifice to do what they do and many really do care about the children.

    It is the unions and the higher Administrators that have lost the focus. They have become so politicized that they forgot that education should be about improving the future of our children, not setting their agenda.

  • CVN65

    Sad. She died a hero in so many ways.

  • SDN

    “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of thy Lord.”

  • grais

    Kids are extremely fortunate to have parents and other family who would walk through fire for them. But your school principal ? i’m glad they already knew her value to them all.
    Prayers for everyone who will suffer her loss.

  • Frank DiSalle

    I’ve never heard of Amy Beverland. Do you think she’d mind if they changed the name of the school to Susan Jordan Memorial?

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Since I work among teachers every day, I can tell you that they are much like a cross-section of America. There are idiots and there are wonderful people in among them at all times. This idea that teachers are monolithically left-wing and incompetent is completely wrong. Prayers for her family and school community!

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

    Comments here say it all, a true hero. May God grant comfort and His grace upon the family.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    This from the IndyStar about sums up my feelings.
    “Sudden danger was at hand. Students’ lives were at grave risk. And Susan Jordan stood her ground so that others may live.

    No greater love.

    No greater sacrifice.

    No greater testimony for an educator who exemplified a life of service.”


    • DoNotDumbHere