One profession saves lives, the other serves food.

Not to bash those that work in the fast food industry, but if anyone deserves a pay increase – it’s the person who is trying to save your life.

But try telling that to Lakecha Jackson, a Detroit fast food worker who believes fast food workers are more important than paramedics.

Check out her response 2:42 minutes into the clip:

Wow. Good luck with that argument.

Can’t wait to see what else she thinks she deserves…

  • Mike Broach

    Why are they so FAT if they are going hungry. After they get $15 AN HOUR then they will ask for $20 AN HOUR. The government should not be involved in setting minimum wage. None of these people could run a restaurant on their own, It is a very hard business to be successful in. Their demands like other are ridiculous.

  • Mark

    Replace most of them with ATM’s and robots

  • zbacku

    ‘Washing dishes and prepping food’ ‘Because we do to much’ LOL My wife does more in a day than those people and she gets paid nothing. These people are as stupid as they come.

  • Ron Peterson

    Fingolfin, you don’t get it do you? From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, is the underlying dynamic among this movement.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Liberalism is a cult whose mysticism transcends reason.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

    When peaceful recourse is denied, violent redress becomes justified, it becomes manifold.

  • A Smith

    You had me at “Lakecha.”

  • mark abrams

    why settle for $15 ? go for $100 .

  • His Highness

    There jobs aren’t worth $15 per hour. It’s easy to say that someone else should pay $15 for work that isn’t worth that much. Spending other peoples’ money is always fun and easy.

  • nicki-baby

    Have you conservatives noticed the more illiterate people vote for the liberals, u know why, they wants something for nothing, we conservatives work and are literate , sooooo see the difference, the LIBS pander to the ignorant, because they know they can keep them voting for them if they , take from the working class and give to the ignorant, lazy , hateful( most) people, God how I detest these hateful liberals, they ALL are going to HELL, just watch!!!!!!

  • Oh Really!

    These kinds of jobs were meant for our kids after school and week- end jobs to teach our children responsibility and get them ready for the working world, but because of our Country’s lack of leadership and creating jobs for adult people with family’s this is what we are reduced to! It’s very sad and it will get worse because they won’t have full time positions anymore at $15 hr. They will cut it up into part time positions, they can and will do this, So all the protesting is not going to get them anymore money than they are already getting with less hrs! Thank Obama!

    Anyone who thinks that a person flipping burgers ,sweeping a floor, pushing food out a window should get paid more than a Paramedic who went to College for this position who saves lives who scrapes people off the ground after a car accident should get paid more than a Paramedic has lost touch with reality and is out of their Phucking mind!

    • iamcurious

      You are so right. But, we’re living in a day and age where up is down, right is wrong and wrong right, black is white and white is black. The Bible speaks of a time in the “end times” when “they will turn away from beneficial teachings, to have their ears tickled”. We’re there! Mankind and civilization is going down into madness!

  • nicki-baby

    NO,NO,No….the ignorant bunch of progressive will NEVER , EVER, no they will know no morethen than they know now, CLIMB out , are you kidding me!! The ignorant blacks that more, will never step-up and BETTER themselves to be prepared to make more money , they want it with no conditions put on them, they drop out of school in the fifth( 5) grade, what do they expect, good gracious, you silly blacks , stay In SCHOOL and learn something, PLEASE!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    You STUPID LIBERAL, are you one of those stupid blacks , want a hand-out and don’t work for what you get, something-for-nothing, GET TO WORK!!!!

    • me

      its not just blacks, and being racial about it does nothing for people at all, they get pissed and don’t listen to reasonable responses

      • nicki-baby


  • Robert D Piechocki

    a) I’m personally a man – I’m of neither opinion – as it only effects my gender tangentially and I’m not a hypocrite. Personally the idea of abortion is something I’d never support my wife on however. But that’s the distance that my opinion mattters.

    b) Average moving cost is over $5000 with even the low end around $2500 (deposits for security and utilities) – and you’re talking about it like moving is a triviality for people that are earning so little. In $15/hr world they’d take over a year of full time work to cover the lowend of that. But not even having the time set aside to cover in case they can’t find immediate work.

    c) Funny thing, my career before I got sick was human resouces – for a union sector (2 in fact, since shipping was tied to us as well) neither union, both of which are amongst the highest membership unions in the nation have a “based on minimum wage” stipulation. Perhaps some unions do – but forthe two I dealt with and others I’m privy to data on (Plus articles in my HR periodicals) – I see no such clause in any.

    Autoworkers union is the only major one I’m blank on. But one thing I do now is they’ve actually got “old member” and “new member” sections of their contract – so if it did apply for them it’s quite likely a subsection.

    • Robert D Piechocki

      PS – a proper payroll is designed with flexibility to already be able to handle 10-20 years of pay raises. If you’re not running a surplus you’ll be eventually hamstringing yourself.

      i.e. I typically had a $400k/mo payroll per location to work with – I and my management that assisted in scheduling used closer to $300k/mo – there was zero stress about seasonal hiring and raises as a result.

    • Carolyn#OYSD

      A) Good. We have common ground.

      B) And yet, if they save that money by living in an area that has a lower cost of living they will recoup that initial moving cost fairly quickly and can increase their standard of living. Where as if they stay in an area where the cost of living is too high to sustain, they continue to pour money down the drain with nothing to show for it. Choice. It’s there. It just shouldn’t be the employers responsibility to pay for it.

      C) A quick google of unions with minimum wage stipulation clauses brings up the following:

      • Robert D Piechocki

        B) Sure, but how do they do it if they can’t afford it in the first place? I personally in my retirement (before my move – no similar program down here) did volunteer work getting the homeless back into shape to try to work again.

        I know well the costs involved with getting someone to an area to get themselves into a more affordable area – I was doing it at least a few times a month. It’s well known that the majority of Americans live check-to-check. And you’re talking about literally a year or more of patience to try to achieve that goal. For the poorest tiers – when even the middle class and some of the lower upper class have trouble saving that much. [Fortunately the charity often was able to swing things to get places to waive deposits for them though – I’m not sure it would work otherwise…]

        C) I see a few tiny ones that are actually relevant – the grocery unions quoted aren’t actually relevant for a long time unless the minimum wage accelerates quickly for example. It’s a defense mechanism if it jumps too much too quick – right now the grocery unions demand a start of $10.50/hr and that’s saying it needs to maintain a portion ahead of the minimum wage. That’s $3 of leeway – and only for the new starts. Grocery unions get a mandated $2/hr raise their first year.

  • nicki-baby

    I got news for you , THEY DON’T want to WORK, it works for them to be at home sitting on the couch, get food stamps, money and ADC , if you have a bunch of kids by different fathers , you get paid for have Illigetimate kids, most of the time , the kids run WILD, like a bunch of wild animals, get in drugs, joining these gang-bangers, get shot, and killed and blame it ALL on the COPS, THERE that’s what I think!!!!!!!

    • JIMO


    • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

      You just described Washington, DC. I’m not joking.

  • nicki-baby

    You might as well flush all that money down the commode!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    Golly…..YOU SAID IT ALL, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    Oh yea…

  • nicki-baby


  • PhysicsWon

    Raise the wage to $15/hr, plus Healthcare, 5% matching into a 401K, 2 weeks paid leave and 4 days double pay for working 4 holidays/yr (required) as benefits ($32k/yr salary, $12k/yr fringe), but demand a college degree (any – it is just a symbol of being able to show up and accomplish something over time) and replace 85% of the workers with robots. That might be a workable business model, but not the one the protesters were expecting.

  • nicki-baby

    ,You are absolutely correct, many has no more disabilities that a five year old, get real people, please!!!!!

    • me

      5 year olds cant be disabled? I bet there are a few out there that would like to know that.

  • InklingBooks

    Serving me a burger is doing more than saving my life when I lie mangled and bleeding after an auto accident? Sorry, but I don’t agree with that.

    • iamcurious

      You don’t have to! No one in their right mind would offer up such an idea. It’s beyond preposterous to even think it.

  • nicki-baby

    Fast food jobs are for First (1st) jobs, fast food jobs was not to be a ( make -living-job) , get an education or learn a TRADE if you desire to make more money, let the KIDS have fast- food jobs!!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    U R just plain and simple ……SILLY!!!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    Probably not, ha, ha, ha ……

  • Robert D Piechocki

    Really, please do tell me what career you’re doing with that Masters Degree in Economics. And you might want to include your name.

    [Protip: I’ve got multiple family members on my wife’s side in the Treasury Department – they should know of you, being how few Econ Masters are given each year – if you’re not full of shit, it should be easy for me to verify who you are (I already know the answer is that you are, however)]

    I personally have a MSHRM including three years of Econ – I was going for a MBA that I shifted during my last two years to MSHRM since it’s analogous but tends to go further.

    On “last minimum wage increase cost jobs” – last Federal minimum wage increase was in late 2009 – after we were multiple years into a spending downspin with drastically lowered consumer confidence.

    You know the bailouts? TARP? Etc. that were already happening – kinda funny to blame amindst what at the time was being compared to the Great Depression (which hit over 25% unemployment – largely in the HIGH WAGE sectors) – to blame the full weight of the job losses on minimum wage. Especially since from the BLS reports at the time – minimum wage sectors weren’t particularly effected by it – the sectors that saw the pain were largely white collar. [And funny thing – it happened at the same time as a 2 year spike in unemployment – and then it started improving….]

    And lets look at the minimum wage increase of 1997 before that – unemployment went down by 0.5% and continued to taper for years after it.

    What about 1991? Ok, did creep up slightly for 2 years – then dropped BELOW its initial number and stayed there until 2009 – barring one outlying year. (and note that timeframe included the 1997 min wage increase too)

    And finally 1981? Again, creeped up for 2 years slightly – then dropped below its initial number and stayed there for an incredible length of time.

    So what’s the pattern here? If you can assess it as being “minimum wage” related and not just statistical noise (which if you truly are an econ master you should be aware of that being important) the rule of thumb is that minimum wage might cause a TEMPORARY slowing of hiring for two years for an overall better hiring rate past two years.

    Typically 2 years of pain to improve the longterm prognosis is considered a good thing – we do it with chemotherapy and cancer all the time as one such example.

  • nicki-baby

    Yes it surely is, U R so right!!!

  • nicki-baby

    Oh really!!!!!

  • Robert D Piechocki

    Citation needed.

    You know the actual rates that have been found is sub-2% consistently, usually sub-1%, right?

    Charities are among the most defrauded and still they only end up in the 20-30% range.

  • nicki-baby

    HER ignorance is SHOWING!!!!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    Ho, ho, ho that’s really hilarious , I didn’t know that!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    They had to make it as easy as possible for these uneducated people, so they did the BEST thing!!!

  • Robert D Piechocki

    Indeed mess: I’ve been without use of my legs for 15 years now. It took me 3 years of fighting to prove I couldn’t walk to start getting disability a YEAR after my fight was done.

    And now, still unable to walk or drive – I have them threatening to take me off of disability because I can supposedly “do my career at home”. (Something I’d welcome, and I’ve been applying for such for nearly a decade – because I hate the idea of being a leech on the system – I’ve had three interviews in a decade – with a superb resume that is somewhat tangential now [when I worked traveling was important to my career of focusing on opening new locations – so a good hunk of my experience is now irrelevant])

    I’m fortunate to be in a position of wealth from pre-planning and inheritance (I lived on $30k/yr during my working years earning $65k so the 15 years I did work had a nice nest egg even before my parents and grandparents started leaving me much larger sums) – but I’d be tearing my hair out if I didn’t have that cushion if they do realize their threats about me having to work, while I’m stuck in the house in this chair.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      By “they” I assume you mean the SSDI-bureaucrats, something I believe they can’t do without the matter being brought before an Administrative Law Judge (as happened with me). Good luck to you, my friend.

      • Robert D Piechocki

        I’ve got the chance for that, yes. Still they’re trying to cut me on getting benefits (and keeping Medicare) during my appeal though. Because I ” got my request to continue benefits in too late”

        I got the letter on Saturday w/o the forms to make the request. Called for the forms on Monday, got them on Thursday, filled them out that night and mailed them Friday.

        Literally the fastest they allowed me as someone stuck homebound with a nondriving wife. (often I can get family to drive my van around for me – but this was over Hannukah while they were all away)

        Apparently we disabled can break the laws of time and space in their minds though.

        I’m usually not litigious, but this threat has me tempted if they don’t reverse it. Someone on disability without my secondary resources would risk starvation over such nonsense. If I do, I’d just send the award to charities for the disabled though.

        • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

          Hmmm, I’m in NJ and I had a fabulous ‘disability-lawyer’ to represent me in ALJ-Court, so I’m familiar with the referral-process. BTW, the legal fees are capped by federal law at $6000 which sorta short-changed my lawyer.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Wasn’t talking about being litigious in the normal approach. I just consider that part and parcel.

            Talking AAPD and such attacking the system some.

  • nicki-baby

    My first job, if you want to call it that, was at a restaurant , not fast food, in a very small town, I had to walk a MILE the days that I worked, made very little money, because there were no minimum wage , back then, it was so little , my MOM made me quit, it was soooo little, but I liked it, anyway ….

  • Gerhard Hulpertshausen

    wants $15 an hour…forgets the straw every time…

    • iamcurious

      Or the napkins, or whatever. It’s a very clear indication that their mind is not on the job! A person whose mind is not on the job, is not worth their current rate of pay!

  • iamcurious

    It would if they’re ambitious, thrifty, can exercise enough discipline to properly allocate their resources and will deny themselves luxury and consumption along the way, to aid their climb. However, this description of action does not fit the many that will never climb out, regardless. Those so inclined, have always done it, but they’re relatively few in number. A person that cannot manage $20,000 per year, cannot manage any amount of money. It’s not a cynical view of many in poverty, but a realistic view of the root cause, for those who aren’t actually disabled. In modern America, over the past 4 decades or more, there was unlimited opportunity for those with ambition. Even now, with the economy in the crapper, there is still more opportunity than is generally acknowledged, for those who are driven to climb out of poverty. They can’t be stopped, while the others can’t be helped. It’s just reality! People that won’t, can’t or don’t help themselves, cannot be helped.

  • IAdoubletime

    Who paid for the hats and the signs?

    No skills? NO PAY

  • don

    the min wage is NOT supposed to raise a family… stupid people… it is a TRAINING wage to give young people a chance to learn, and develope skills to go …Forward in their life….. you want more- EDUCATE yourself and WORK FOR IT

  • Bernie

    Tell you what, jackwagon,….Do your part. Start a business. Hire a couple of people at $15.00 an hour (That’s $60,000 a year in salaries, without selling one thing and not counting benefits). Then pay your rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, etc. THEN, WHAT’S LEFT OVER, PAY YOURSELF!!
    Go ahead, putz. Show us all how easy it is!!!
    DO YOUR PART!!!!

    • me

      that’s what they should do…. but they wont because they dnnt want the risk, and rhey aren’t smart enough… if everyone had the same care the same house the same whatever money would be worth nothing and therefore none of us would have a house, a care or food.

    • nicki-baby

      Bernie…..I guess you told him, great, thank you !!!!

    • Scotto

      “I ain’t gon do dat. I ain’t gotta do dat. Weren’t fo de white damn white fok, I be president by now. Keep me down an shi.
      I calcumulat dat my great great great grandfadduh who was a slabe would hab been paid one point fo million dalluh in today money when you roll in infatuation and today interest.
      Since we wa so very very clost, dat money rightfully belong to me.
      To plasterphase DeCartes (Daycarteez), I is therefo I gets.

    • OregonCityTom

      From personal experience, it was hard enough to keep people employed at $7.50/hr.

      To detractors: if it’s so easy to demand an increase to $15/hr, why not make it $50/hr? $100/hr? Don’t you realize that (a) higher wage floor means more people simply can’t get a job because they can’t PRODUCE the revenue to support the wage (don’t forget the additional employee cost tacked on to the wage, making it more like $22.50/hr), and (b) the cost of labor is embedded into the cost products, so that increases in minimum wage makes all goods just that much more unaffordable?

      • rabidfox2

        Robots work cheap. They also don’t require time off or medical insurance. They won’t rob the till or be deliberately rude to customers. A lot of folks don’t realize that the true minimum wage is the $0.00 per hour you’ll get when your fired from your job as being too [email protected] expensive to keep.

    • letmepost

      First of all, you start a business after you do a VIABILITY study and if you can make a go of THEN YOU start a business AND you pay your people whatever the market dictates. No one says its easy but you have do your homework first. Your STUPID use of words like Putz and Jackwagon simply betray what a freakin IDIOT you are without being able to hold a simple conversation!

      • Bernie

        OK…..Now that you told me WHAT to do, go ahead. Start this coming Monday, PUTZ..
        And about being a “freakin IDIOT”. Well, this “freakin’ IDIOT” did it. Started with a $1,000 and grew a business grossing up to $2,000,000 in sales. And created good paying jobs for my employees.
        Worked 70 hours a week for years…..with no vacations. And took plenty of risk. (Probably something you’re not willing to do, JACKWAGON).
        Yep, I was a “freakin’ IDIOT” for doing it.
        Your turn………

        • letmepost

          Talk ALL YOU WANT from behind a computer screen…your LIES are laughable. If you were what you say you are you would not have the time to bother being online commenting, let alone use the uneducated tone you post with. Yeah, “Putz” and “Jackwagon” are the standard vocabulary for a successful businessman……No…more like a Drill Sergeant. Please…try your lies on someone who will actually believe them.

          • Bernie

            Boy, that was a whole bunch of nothing!!
            Quite successful, my son. Quite retired, also. Reading comprehension is not one of your strong points. Is it?
            But, your jealousy is quite obvious, too.
            By the way, I see you also have a lot of time on your computer. Must mean you are satisfied just collecting your paycheck every week and too afraid or weak to take risk, PUTZ.
            You’re also too stupid to see that some people CAN spend time doing more than just “spending time commenting on line” or doing other things in their life. You are one sorry JACKWAGON!!
            Too insecure to start a business and help people make $15.00 an hour while paying all your overhead AND paying yourself. Is that it?
            See how easy you make yourself look foolish and to throw it right back in your face?!?
            So, “letme”, try to keep up!!
            Speaking of Drill Sargent….Vietnam era vet from 1966 to 1968.
            So, as you were, PUTZ!!

  • Bernie

    S.J (putz),
    There are 127 different local, state and federal agencies that “help them climb out of the working poor level”.
    Now, what was that about “enough money for more education, health care, child care and reliable transportation”?
    Wake the hell up. You left-wingers are all alike!!

  • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

    Look, #JuniorVapidity, I just told you that “doc-shopping” ain’t worth spit when it comes time (and it always does) to prove one’s disability to an Admin-Law Judge. I also just said the “applying for” SSDI doesn’t mean they’ve all “gotten on permanent (or even temp)” SSDI, since the truly hopelessly unemployable folks still have to actually BE disabled. And you make up your mind about which “abled” people-applying-for-DI you’re even talking about: those who won’t work or those who can’t…Which is it, Junior? Y’know, Junee, what I said before about “personal experience” should’ve clued-you-in that this is a personal issue to me, so why don’t you stop poking a stick in my cage? I’ve seen how the system works. You haven’t. Run along. ETA: It’s spelled “naivete”, stupid.

    • JV


      Statistics from social security office don’t lie

      Disability roles have increased 15%

      Unemployment is at 45 year high

      If the job participation rate is below that of 1978, and disability is at an all time high, how do you account for literally millions more people on disability unless it’s pure fraud

      Certainly can’t be a spike in industrial accidents with no jobs

      Flush out your head gear – over 80% of disability claims are 100% BS

      • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

        Yes, that’s why I just said that 100%-of-100%-BS-disability claims” are 100% rejected. For all the faults of government-bureaucrats, they ain’t pushovers when it comes to SSDI (and in fact they go way beyond finding ways to reject ’em). THAT’s why it ultimately works out in court. YOU don’t know D!CK about any of this, because you insist on believing SSDI-claims are granted by that fKing line of people at your old lady’s free clinic. (The SSDI bureaucrats may be way more vigilant than your old lady for all we know.) You’re WRONG. You’re STUPID. You’re TOO STUPID to get it that “literally millions more people” AREN’T “ON” disability just because they applied for disability. And you know where you can shove your statistics because GFYS I’M NOT a statistic. (Neither is a commenter downthread named Robert…I dare you to pick a fight with him about what “fraud” it all is…I’ll bet anything on Robert to kick your azz all over this board.)

        • JV

          Rant all you want

          Doesn’t change facts

          Doesn’t change reality

        • me

          nothing is 100 percent…..

          • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

            Fair enough, but go see what I said to #TheRightStuff on this thread.

      • me

        that is purely a made up number I know there are a lot of fraudulent claims but 80 percent I doubt

  • Bernie

    S.J. (putz),
    Tell you what….Start a business. Hire a couple of people at $15 per hour AND BENEFITS. That comes to about $100,000 a year in pay and benefits without makin one single sale!!. (Sick leave, health insurance, vacations, 401k, etc).
    Then, pay your rent, vendors, utilities, etc. THEN, WHAT’S LEFT OVER, PAY YOURSELF!!!
    Go ahead. Show us all how easy it is and be a god citizen. then come back an d tell us what a great guy you are!! DO YOUR PART!!!

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    The gap between the current minimum wage and $15/hr is sufficient incentive for investment in the automation required to eliminate her job.

    I suspect Lakecha hasn’t thought this through.

  • me

    that’s not funny, there are plenty of people who try to work a little and are on disability, one of the big problems with the “system: is it punishes people who actually TRY, and it rewards people who sit at home on meth playing PlayStation 4… and working McDonalds is a real Job, have you ever used a server, used a gas station attendant used a waitress…. so saying it isn’t a real job is just being an asshole, BUT it is a job that was created mostly to hire students or whatnot barring the managers maybe it was NOT intendened to be a job that was the main money source to raise a family…. if you want to raise a family make sure you have a job that you can do it with, everyone know fast food places, and wal mart ect are not them.jobs, they are entry level jobs for again moslyt students to make spending money .. to live on a bit while in college ect…. so I f you cant afford kids working at mcdonalds quit having them , its a simple concept.

  • me

    and some drs do it…. I have known people on disability for alchoholism, who spend their whole checks on alcohol…… rediculous

  • me

    it does happen, LEGALLY….. alcoholism a disability maybe but not a disability you cant cure, stop drinking go to work….

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      …I’ll ask my DI-lawyer if that’s true…Again, just because many “rent-a-docs” get addiction confused with disability, doesn’t mean that SSDI-law works that way.

  • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

    That ain’t what I said, Mercury-head. (Sheesh, why you gotta be named after my all-time favorite movie?) What I said is that “applying for SSDI” (as millions have done in the Obama-economy) is a long ways off from “being on SSDI”…a “long ways off” not just by the calendar but in terms of what a REAL disabled person has to go through, from “bureaucrats with itchy claim-denial fingers” on up to the Admin-Law Judge who demands that one actually be disabled as the condition of going on disability. Are there corruptocrats who grant false claims? “Yes”, if seen in the audits of which you speak…but I sure didn’t run into ANY corruptocrats, not by a longshot.

  • HeftyJo

    The real minimum wage is ZERO dollars an hour.

  • nicki-baby

    Well….I think it’s made them lots of good, look at the freebies they get, my gracious , how much more should they get, it’s done them LOTS andLOTS of free everything, if you should ask me, Good lord , what on earth do possibly meanMatty????????

  • nicki-baby

    Yea…….just give them the whole damn works, don’t we, give them much, as it is, and YOU want to give them MORE, are you CRAZY or what, wise up!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    They don’t deserve 5.00 per hr. Much less 15.00 an hr.get real please…..

    • Mike S.

      If you’ve worked in fast food, hot..sweaty…always on the move, obnoxious customers….you wouldn’t say that.

      • nicki-baby

        REALLY….as lots of us have said over and over again, get educated, unless keep your mouth shut and accept the inevitable , that’s just the way it is!!

      • slidetbone91

        I’ve worked in fast food and it is not a hard job. It was the easiest job I ever had. Why else would most high school kids work there as a first job? Minimum wage means minimum skills. Fast food is exactly that, a no brains employment.

        • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

          Mike S. apparently doesn’t realize that work is hard.

      • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

        If they bothered to complete high school with good grades instead of doing drugs, getting arrested, and having babies they could have a better life besides working in a hot and sweaty McDonalds. Instead, we’re supposed to believe they’re stuck because they’re Black and racist white America just won’t let them be great. Yeah, right. Except that school is FREE and this country is bursting with scholarships and grants and private foundations for minority students to go to college.

      • nicki-baby

        Get an education, THEN you won’t have to flip,burgers, MIKE S…..

        • Mike S.

          I have a BA degree, smart-azz. I did work at Arby’s when I was 16-18.

  • nicki-baby

    Hey Buster, that’s their business, it’s their money, if they want to burn their money, that’s ok, they can do what they please with it, SO…..get over yourself, PLEASE!!!!! Mind you own business !!!!!

    • letmepost

      OMG….they GOTTA LOVE YOU! It’s OK to be rich (or a Rich Corporation) but when they use vast sums of money to turn the politicians into their puppets so that they can become even RICHER in a system where their % of taxable income is less than the little guy and when 1 in 4 Large companies pay NO income tax at all! SOMETHING IS WRONG and somehow you…you the LITTLE GUY can’t see that?? What… is your name Ben Dover??

      • nicki-baby

        Is your name MORAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • O Manning

    Just tell them if you pay them $15 an hour they won’t qualify for EBT and Earned Income Credit anymore. That should stall that shit hard.

    • Holdmynose

      I read that the higher min wage (I think it was in San Fran) is causing employees to ask to have their hours cut so they don’t lose their free stuff.

      • O Manning

        I had guys who wouldn’t work overtime because they’d loose their freebies…and I had so much overtime available I was scrambling to fill it. That’s why I did some quick math and figured out that $15/hr is about $31k a year (assuming 40 hours).

  • nicki-baby

    You are exactly right, it’s for kids just starting out on a job, giving them experience for later on in life, and I might add, a little spending money along the way, experience how it feels to work for your money,RIGHT?????

  • nicki-baby

    Hey Robert, are you from another country or what exactly are you referring to, if I should be so bold to have asked!!!!!!

    • Robert D Piechocki

      I am from the US, born and raised… =p

      FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) is the bill that Congress first passed in 1937 that created a Federal minimum wage in the United States of America. It’s also the bill that gets amended each time the minimum wage is adjusted. In fact under law if you’re a working person there should be a poster somewhere with your rights as a worker in a break room or such that explains all your rights as an employee – including a notation somewhere on it that it’s from the Fair Labor Standards Act. It’s actually illegal for an employer to not have it posted in a conspicuous place.

      I am pissed off at how many people in “my country” sit there and spout things off as fact believing a random quote someone makes out in the world somewhere rather than actually studying something themselves.

      There’s a reason year by year polls of fact checking people get worse and worse. Because people are becoming too lazy to actually research things for themselves – and instead believe what FoxNEWS/MSNBC and other agencies tell them without question.

      I was initially a Republican in my initial politics from Age 16 (I helped on some campaign work for Reagan’s 1st term before I could vote) up through around 32 or so – because it used to be that Republicans were the ones that talked numbers, hard facts and history to back up their plans. But around 2004-2005 I wised up to the fact that they’d become just as bad as the Democrats I’d hated as well – if not worse, since so much is driven by the religious right now.

      (These days I refuse to affiliate with either party particularly – although I will say, I hold out hope that Trump’s popularity changes the direction back to the “80’s Republicans” that I grew up as – he’s not perfect to those ideals, but he’s a drastic shift in the right direction at least and a sign of hope if more take his lead)

  • GABroncoFan

    When is someone going to tell these people as well as the Democratic party that working part time at McDonald’s was never intended to support families? These jobs are for high school kids and college kids.

    The dems use to talk all the time about Bush and the burger flipping economy. Now they want to make burger flipping a career. Great way to keep those voters on the plantation.

    How about they stop doing all of this trash that is killing job recovery and then maybe people can get an actual full time job meant to support families. Stupid people.

  • Bernie

    By the way, it’s “Reagan’s”. Not “Reagens'”.
    Oh, and Trickle Down worked. Check out the economic figures from 1980 to 1988.
    You libs are great at blabbering. Aren’t you?
    Your turn……….

  • Bernie

    Define “living wage”.
    Then, start a business and pay them what they “deserve”.
    Let’s see how easy it is.

    • Dianna Zerbe

      anyone with any sense will know that! it should be if you don’t work and you are physically and mentally able you should have to work or you don’t get any government benefits!
      if minimum wage goes to $15 an hour people won’t be able to afford to hire many and especially people that won’t pull
      their load!
      Employers will cut down people’s work hours to 20 hours a week and then you’ll have to go find another 20 hours a week job!
      Most people that work 20 hours a week have no benefits
      A living wage is one that you can at least have some self respect and even at $20 an hour you have trouble meeting your needs.

      • Bernie

        So, there is no magic number for what you consider a “living wage”.
        What one person considers “self respect”, another can consider differently. Correct?
        It could vary from one person to another?
        Or, depending on where you live ie. NYC as opposed to Dumbphuck, Iowa are also two differetnt things.

  • mesaman

    Oh lawdy, lawdy we works so hard, stand on feet, yell at customer, bitch when dey don give tips, an dat EMT think he gots it bad. Sit in a truck an drive round, git siren and lights. Hah! And to think hundreds of thousands of lives were lost making these folk free.

  • mesaman

    LET ME POST’]; Show me they earn what they’re making now and we’ll go on with the discussion.

  • mesaman

    Cheap shot, or not I stand with my comments. You don’t like it? Tough! I am glad you were kind enough to point out the obvious but you forgot to justify it, bloke.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      I’ll pass it along to Pete Clemenza (the guy to whom I was, y’know, actually responding) that you stand by his comments. (Oh wait, I did just leave the message for Pete Clemenza…No need to go for bloke. SWIDT? )

  • Scotto

    So when Lakecha has a medical emergency, send her a fry cook.

  • OregonCityTom

    Trillions, actually.

  • a6z

    Are there a lot of fast food workers who would be hurt by this, as in lose their jobs; and know it; and come out to counter-demonstrate?

    No, I thought not. The franchise presumes a moral people and an intelligent people. Democracy had a good run.

  • ricoliv

    Gee, I wonder how much of that extra money will be spent on speech improvement lessons or on training for a more-than-minimum-wage job?

  • amerall

    Do you think the “Billionaire class” cleans their own homes? cleans their own clothes? maintains their own cars, boats, airplanes, swimming pools and does maintenance on their own homes? The answer to that is a big fat NO! They pay other people to do those things. The people who do those jobs for them buy products like washing machines, refrigerators, cars, pleasure boats of their own and spend money on entertainment like shows, movies, travel. The people who they buy from also spend money on these things and so downward trickles the Billionaires money until it finally reaches the people who have no skills such as fast food workers. Anyone who can learn to tie their own shoes can learn to put a hamburger into a paper bag, ring up the order and wait for the cash register to tell them how much change to return the customer based on how much money he gave them. You don’t even have to finish high school to do those jobs. What part of “the harder you have to work physically the less money you make” don’t you understand? The incentive for finishing at least high school and at least going to a trade school to learn a skill so you learn to use your mind instead of your muscle to earn a living and thereby earn MORE money! A job in the fast food industry is for high school kids to earn spending money while living at home with their parents! It was NEVER intended to be enough to support a family!

    • nicki-baby

      Especially , if they put the pics on the keys, they don’t have to SPELL do they, I hear that’s what they do , I understand that’s works for the uneducated..

  • amerall

    Whoa! You cant use profanity on an open forum! How dare you use the word J*B! Where children can see it!

    • nicki-baby

      SORRY, he forgot ( ha,ha, ha)

  • David Worley

    #BlackGreedMatters, or you get #BlackViolenceMatters all because #BlackLivesMatter Most “Or Else..”

  • Oh Really!

    No because it’s never going to be enough for these underclass, all the things you have listed are the programs that are in place now for education, health care, transportation, The truth of the matter is some want everything handed to them so they don’t have to put any effort into it! So they Protest! It gets real Old after awhile!

  • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

    She doesn’t know what a paramedic is. Honestly, the reporter just said the word “paramedic” and she didn’t process it at all. I feel sad watching this video. The lack of education and cultural exposure is so pitifully apparent. They’re poorly educated and on top of that they have NO IDEA what other people do for a living. They have no clue what’s happening in the lives of people around them. They occupy a very, very small world but they make a lot of noise. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

    Democrats have destroyed their lives and they don’t even know it. As much as the people in this video make me angry, what I feel most for them is true pity.

    • nicki-baby

      That’s because THEY ARE liberals, don’t know any better, but to follow the leader, monkey -see…..monkey-do , understand?

      • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

        Christ. Relax. I don’t need you to explain anything to me.

        • nicki-baby

          Oh really, you could have fooled me, littl-ole’ penny dreadful, ha ,ha,ha!!!!!

  • Doc

    If you think you should make more than combat soldiers and or first responder, your probably an idiot! Here’s your sign!

  • Kelvinator

    And now we know why she works in fast food.

  • nicki-baby

    People like this idiot no doubt has about a fifth ( 5 ) grade education and thinks she worth a raise to $15 an hour, she got to be kidding, she’s getting paid what she’s deserves, so idiot BE satisfied that your working, I’ll give her credit though , at least she working, not like some of these low-lives, living off of the working class, they are lazy, lazy, lazy….

  • nicki-baby

    Then they should have thought of that when they quit school or didn’t both to go to school, get educated you morons , THEN make good money…

    • Robert D Piechocki

      Education doesn’t guarantee an amazing job – my career was in hiring before I fell ill – it wasn’t rare at all to see people with even a fucking masters degree scrounging for $20-40k lowend jobs my company offered because of how difficult the job market is at times. (I still recall hiring MULTIPLE MBAs to work in the butcher department – they ended up loving the job and moving up from $11.50/hr apprentice cutters up to full fledged butchers – but it was a huge step down from expectations initially)

      I’ve got a strong feeling you’re one of those people that never worked and then profess about how people should work.

      I personally worked in hiring for most of my working years (for a mega grocery with some luxury elements – Wegman’s if you’ve heard of them – I specialized in openings, generally around 400-500 hires a year with lots of moving) – and after I fell ill, I volunteered with a program that helped the homeless get back into shape to work again. (would love to find another program down here in FL to help out with such again, but not found one yet – Brevard doesn’t have much of a homeless problem though vs. what MD did)

      To talk about such things as if they’re trivial is absolutely laughable and just smacks of ignorance of the world.

      I’m lucky enough to have been blessed by wealth, connections and tons of planning. But without the combination of all three, especially wealth in advance, I’d have had a hard time being as successful as I was before my health tailspinned. Even with as amazing as I did ($250k saved at age 32 – and I didn’t start serious work until 23 post-education, and “only” earned $65k/yr + bonuses), without family wealth, I’d have been screwed when my health declined – that would’ve been tapped in about 5 years of dealing with my health. [Remember not long ago, pre-existing conditions were grounds for insurances booting you and refusing payment – it’s not AS horrid now, but still would be around $10k/yr with standard insurance vs. Medicare]

  • nicki-baby

    More money for stupid people, I think NOT!!!!!!

  • nicki-baby

    HIS name is Reagan , learn to spell liberal!!! N

    • letmepost

      Sorry for my GREAT INFRACTION…BTW…his name WAS Reagan, he’s been DEAD for years now!

  • nicki-baby

    LBJ, the scum of the earth, like most of those ungodly people , like that terrible Carter, he didn’t have enough intelligence to be president, look at the mess he got us into, it took Reagan to dig us out of Carters Hole he put us into, those were horrible days..

  • cdub55

    unions did a great job for Detroit, so why not…. 🙂

  • cdub55

    nobody cares….they will just be replaced with machines soon enough…so they can go on obama taker nation pay…..

  • nicki-baby

    No…I hear they get more money dealing in DRUGS, than working at an honest job, thats the uneducated do if they drop out of school, blacks and whites alike …

  • nicki-baby

    They learn that very quickly, disability, just listen to Judge Judy sometime and see the scum that say they are disability , it’s unbelievable the amount of people on disability now .


    Colin Flaherty brought me here!

  • Daemon Rogue Elf

    This is why Sanders is popular … That has the be the most ridiculous under educated response I’ve heard since the obama phone commet

  • St. Louis Wrestling

    A fast food worker does more than a paramedic? What an idiot.

  • Link Pascual

    I… can’t. I just… can’t.

  • John Jones

    A bunch of pavement apes ooking for what they don’t deserve. They forget they work for a private company not a government agency. They ought to shut down their Micky D’s and see how being unemployed works out for them.

  • Jim Niven

    Can’t fix stupid

  • John DeLuca

    That lady who says she does more than people who save lives should be shot.

  • Fred Makrancy

    So right now there are LOTS of highly skilled people without jobs. If you start paying fast food workers $15.00/hour, what is going to happen is that those without jobs that are HIGHLY qualified and educated will move in to fill these roles and those who fought for the pay will be priced out of the market. Supply and demand. I am not saying that ALL fast food workers are uneducated and undeserving, I am just saying this probably will happen on more than one occasion. Also, it seems that every time I go through a drive through I have to go twice. The first to pay and pick my order up, the second to go back around because it was wrong. It never seems to fail. Automation is around the corner anyways for this industry.

  • gesposito

    Stupid ass people. You want 15 an hour, get an education or a trade instead of just putting the minimum you lazy POS’s

  • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

    A lot of minorities hated Reagan because he dignified WORK, and they didn’t want to work.

  • https://www.facebook.com/karl.hungus.984 Karl Hungus

    And they vote.

  • Gunner4guy

    Minimum wage is for…..school kids just entering the workplace or for summer jobs. If you’re dumb enough to try and support a family or your drug habit on minimum wage then you deserve everything you get….nothing. Wonder how these ‘geniuses’ would like it, if they get their wish, that they have to do twice as much WORK because the franchisee has cut the number of workers to compensate for the wage increase? They won’t be able to sit on their butt at “Window #1” collecting the money all day/night, they’ll have to hustle for once. Now if that came with an increase in food quality/dining area and restroom sanitation/taste/counter staff attitude….maybe. NOT going to hold my breath.

  • Fergus

    Fast-food protestors: 1) Are you saying minimum wage as a whole needs to go up? Or just your wealthy industry because “they can afford to pay you more”. If yes– since when does this country look to its lower educated class for economics advice? And how well versed are you in the economics of such a drastic change? All I hear is, “we work hard”, “they can afford to pay us more”, and “we deserve it”. Is that the entire depth and breadth of your “entitled” opinion? 2) If you are only fighting for your specific industry (fast-food) then have you thought of the consequences of 15 an hour? You will (immediately) be competing with better educated and more qualified applicants. Why pay you 15 an hour when they can hire someone with no law violations, well educated, and disciplined…. Etc.etc.. You may just fight yourself out of a job. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to understand the economics of any of this, instead I’ll leave that to the expert’s — and that’s clearly not fast-food employees.

  • H. Johnson

    This is just a silly argument. McDonalds and the other “fast food” operations will simply automate many of their operations … http://www.businessinsider.com/what-self-serve-kiosks-at-mcdonalds-mean-for-cashiers-2015-8 It is likely that this would result in improved service and lower labor costs.

  • Bill Wozniak

    blacks continue to demonstrate just what dumbmasses they are…………..

  • Victor Cachat

    Stupid hurts.
    Too bad stupid can vote and hurt us too.

    When you get your $15/hr, everyone else will start getting raises to keep them ahead of you.
    The bottom will remain the bottom.

    Transitional labor will never support a family because that is not what it is for.
    It is there for kids and people learning how to be good workers that will move on to better paying jobs.

    I bet these protesturds get halfway houses for reintegrating criminals into society, but they don’t get “Halfway jobs”.

  • Kynda R

    So, if the fast food workers wages go up by 9.00/hr, surely, mine as a nurse will go up as well – by at least 9, right? Please. I barely make more than what they are asking for and I have a college education

  • letmepost

    Give me a break. So what have scores of changes to the tax code done? We pay more out in CORPORATE WELFARE and to support the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX than what we should to keep our infrastructure and Middle Class intact. Go look up how many BILLIONS ONE JET FIGHTER..the F-35 ha sSUCKED UP and CONTINUES to SUCK UP and it STILL does not work right! How is it that 1 in 4 rich companies do NOT pay Federal Income Tax?If Reagan is YOUR GOD -PRESIDENT…we cannot even talk. How much is the GOP paying you to be their mouthpiece?

  • DL Thomas

    Maybe if they stopped buying dope, cigarettes, and alcohol??? Do they have to turn in their food stamps if they do get $15 per hour???

  • Keith Brosnan

    You can’t fix stupid

  • nicki-baby

    If these people PUSH too far, these companies will go to automation, will not need these burger flippers , only a very few that will,be used to run the restaurants , that will do away with most workers, just you little idiots wait and see, then what will you do, OH, I forgot, I guess you will go on Obamas bread line!!!!!!

  • Obi Sean

    I get tired of explaining this, but it’s been awhile, so…It does NOT matter if minimum wage is fifteen dollars an hour or fifty. It is and always will be The BOTTOM Rung of the Ladder. If you raise the bottom rung, you do two things. One, raise the rest of the ladder right along with it, changing nothing, and Two, make that bottom rung harder to reach for those not even on the ladder yet. At fifteen dollars an hour, employers may well decide that your high school diploma no longer qualifies you for their entry level position. They do NOT have to hire you for what they are forced to pay you. For that matter, they may decide that you are no longer qualified for the job you have if you don’t have a food service degree to flip burgers.

  • BoydSharp

    So easily used. Think up a catchy cause. Add a catchy slogan to chant. Pass out some free rain slickers and signs. Then clip on the leash and watch them do tricks. Toss in a mayor to egg them on. Wave some food stamps and other government freebies under their noses to keep them stoned. Government education/indoctrination is so wonderful.