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For a little over eight months now, we’ve had access to thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were released as part of her ongoing private email server scandal.

While you’ve undoubtedly seen some of her more, shall we say, classified messages – we’ve compiled a separate list of her weirdest, head-scratching emails.

From failing to understand how basic technology works to asking for the favorability rating of her expensive clothing, these emails prove beyond doubt that Hillary is unfit to lead this country.

1) Kissing up much?

kissing up

2) Kissing up, part two

more fashion

3) Who is picking fights with who?

mean GOP

4) Using aides as maids


5) Using aides as maids, part two

missing phone

6) “Get me some ice tea.”

more ice tea

7) I wouldn’t joke about that if I were you

chinese national security joke

8) Surely there’s nothing illegal going on here

discrete call

9) Huma admits what we already know

huma confirms scandal

10) Oh, the irony

nixon irony

11) Technology is hard

technology is hard

12) Technology is hard, part two

yellow phone tech hard

13) “She’s often confused.”


14) This one is just plain weird

weird and unwelcome surpriser

15) Who doesn’t love a good Bin Laden joke?

bin laden

16) Saddest birthday email ever?

sad birthday

17) Casual racism is apparently okay if you’re a Democrat

home girl racism

18) Our personal favorite, a coat favorability poll

coat favorability