As you’re probably aware of by now, President Obama hosted a town hall last night on the campus of George Mason University to try and peddle his gun control executive orders to the rest of America.

When the town hall was initially announced we thought the president would do what he always does when he has to face the nation: use Democrat plants to ask softball questions and avoid talking about the issues that really matter.

Imagine our surprise (and Obama’s) when Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu told President Obama why his gun control orders are going to fail at protecting us from mass shootings.

Sheriff Babeu: ”The talk, why we’re here, is all these mass shootings. And yet you’ve said in your executive actions, it wouldn’t have solved even one of these or even the terrorist attack.”

President Obama: “No, I didn’t say that.”

Sheriff Babeu:“Well, looking at the information, what would it have solved? The executive actions that you mentioned earlier, they are not written about in the Constitution.”

Watch the cringeworthy response from President Obama below: