Last week, a professor at the University of North Dakota looked outside her office window and saw two college-age, armed individuals in camo gear walking on campus.

Hmm…who on Earth could they be?!

Stricken with fear, Heidi Czerwiec crawled under her desk and called 911. When the operator patiently and calmly explained to her that these ROTC students were on their way to a routine exercise, Czerwiec, rather than reacting with relief, responded with outrage.

She told a university police officer that ROTC exercises are “unnecessary” and “irresponsible.”

Yeah, how dare they train to serve our nation and defend our freedoms.

What a joke.

Not to mention that the school’s spokesman had already notified the entire campus that the exercises would be taking place.

Czerwiec also swore to call the police every time she sees an armed ROTC cadet on campus. How about this — if your goal is public safety, why would you flood the emergency lines for something you know is not a threat?

Here’s a good idea:


College professors are certainly making a name for themselves today, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Melissa Click. Heidi Czerwiec. Who’s next?