Republican Congressman Darrell Issa tweeted his outrage over the USGSA’s corruption tonight.

The ABC News story which Issa links to describes the scandal this way:

The GSA helps to manage the basic functions of federal agencies, including by developing policies intended to minimize the cost of doing business with the federal government.

Despite that charge, GSA spent $835,000 on a Las Vegas Convention in 2010 for 300 employees, which included thousands of dollars spent on items such as a commemorative coin set, a mind reader, a comedian, and a clown.

GSA Inspector General Brad Miller brought the expenses to light; his report and Johnson’s resignation were first reported by the Washington Post’s Lisa Rein and Joe Davidson earlier today.

Issa also promised the House Oversight Committee, which he chairs,  will investigate the USGSA’s impropriety.

He then thanked Inspector General Brian Miller, he later corrected himself for getting Miller’s name wrong, for exposing the incredibly wasteful spending.

After thanking Inspector Miller Rep Issa turned back to blasting the USGSA’s bizarre spending. He found the agency’s purchase of coins celebrating President Obama’s stimulus especially ridiculous.

Here is a picture of the stimulus coins provided at the link Issa tweeted:

$6,300 for stimulus commemorative coins given out at a $830,000 conference for an agency whose mission is cutting wasteful government spending? No wonder Issa is outraged. We all should be.