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AP writers drearily demand contract concessions via half-hearted #FairAPContract

Obama has needed a distraction from his Obamacare debacle, and anti-capitalists around the country were too eager to serve him the $15 minimum wage issue. Now these poor, historically oppressed Associated Press writers are organizing for a better contract under the hashtag #FairAPcontract:


It’s a rather pitiful and somber protest. C’mon guys, spice it up! Throw some rhyming in there, maybe some onomatopoeia? Something! Here they keep repeating the same mantra:



We kinda expected writers to be a little more original. Guys, show us you’re worth that wage hike; don’t just copy each others tweets!

For the record, according to www.glassdoor.com, the average salary for an AP reporter is about $71,000.

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