Democrats have tried to compare the dismal Obamacare enrollment numbers to Romneycare in order to justify their incompetence. But if you go back just a little further in time, you can find Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., railing against then-President George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D program, and sounding eerily familiar to today’s Tea Party “extremists:”

I think it’s a complete embarrassment to the Bush administration to have a piece of legislation out there that is so confusing, they can’t even explain it to anyone themselves.

Oh really? This from Nancy “pass the bill to find out what’s in it” Pelosi?!

… where the compliance of it is so difficult that they cannot help people to do it.

Maybe if the Bush administration had put out a handy chart like the this one for Obamacare:

Pelosi continued:

Democrats want to replace it, they want to give an extension, so they are not penalized for not understanding something that’s incomprehensible to even the Bush administration.

But didn’t Nancy realize that once a bill is passed, “It’s. The. Law.”? Also replacing laws is racist, and extensions are definitely racist.

Amazing how your words can come back to bite you in the Pelosi.