As we’ve been telling you, Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full swing today following the president’s speech before the U.N. General Assembly. CNN’s Jim Acosta is flipping out over Trump’s “saber-rattling.” Ben Rhodes is pissed that Trump denounced the B.S. “deal” with one of our “allies” Iran. Dianne Feinstein is clutching her pearls like it’s going out of style. And then there’s Brian Fallon, who can’t even with Trump’s call for Democracy in Venezuela.

Not to be outdone, here comes the New Republic with a meltdown of their own:

We know this sort of crap is par for the course with the New Republic, but still. Really? Really???

You guys.

You’ve gotta laugh so you don’t slam your head against the wall.

Pretty damn unhinged.

That … was the New Republic.