If people like Jim Acosta don’t chill out a little here soon they’re all going to burn out by the end of Trump’s first term.

Seems Jim was a little freaked out over President Trump’s UNGA speech, particularly the fact that he is done being a global doormat. Sorry, that may have worked for Obama but not this guy …

If Obama had given this speech Acosta would be thumping his chest and talking about the president’s resolve.


Maybe less caffeine?

Gotta keep trying.

No no, that was Glenn Thrush.

We know, these media types all look alike.

IT WAS A JOKE, calm down people.

But he was mean to Iran! Obama! Racism!

Oh you mean Trump was right? Gosh, our bad.

Hrm, stinks like bias.

Oh and speaking of bias, check these screenshot from Ben Shapiro from when Obama talked tough with N. Korea.

It’s almost as if Democrats only get fussy when Republicans say these sorts of things … funny that.


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