Liberals have worked hard to make ignorance an art form. So when lefty comedienne Chelsea Handler recently sat down with Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to discuss The Issues — and Gillibrand’s awesomeness — viewers were treated to a veritable tapestry of stupidity.

After Gillibrand finished trashing “the gun lobby,” she segued into complaining about the scourge of money in politics. Right on cue, Handler brought up one of liberals’ favorite bogeyman: Citizens United. Because of course she did. Gillibrand was only too happy to indulge her (starts around the 3:14 mark:

Maybe if Handler and Gillibrand had spent less time fawning over each other and more time brushing up on their campaign finance history, they might have saved themselves at least a little embarrassment. But then, what fun would that be?

The truth hurts. Not that Handler or Gillibrand would care; everything’s suddenly OK when liberals do it.

But she’s not. What a shame.