So, whatever’s infected Linda Sarsour is apparently catching. As Twitchy told you, back in 2011, Sarsour declared that outspoken Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali didn’t deserve to be a woman (and that she should have her vagina taken away).

Now, the New Republic’s Sarah Jones has decided that Hirsi Ali — along with fellow radical Islam critic Asra Nomani — shouldn’t be allowed to testify about violent Muslim extremism before a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee:

Jones writes:

Let’s start with Hirsi Ali. In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center included her on a list of anti-Muslim extremists for her statements about Islam. Islam, she has claimed, is a “destructive, nihilistic cult of death.” She has urged its defeat by the West and asserted that it is “not interested in peace.” Once a Dutch MP for the conservative People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, she briefly lost her Dutch citizenship for lying on her asylum application. She is now a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution.

Enmeshed in the conservative think tank world, Hirsi Ali has successfully branded herself an expert on Islamic extremism. She has repeatedly claimed that Muslims are responsible for “70 percent” of all violence in armed conflicts around the world. There’s no evidence that this is true, as Max Blumenthal confirmed with foreign policy experts in 2015. In May, she blamed the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe squarely on Islam—never mind that the continent’s surging far-right fringe has quite a bit to do with it too. Her views on Islam are largely indistinguishable from that of Donald Trump and his administration.

Hirsi Ali and Nomani aren’t reliable witnesses, and their extreme views ought to disqualify them from any platform dependent on expertise. On Wednesday, they’ll simply tell Senate Republicans exactly what they want to hear about Islam. It won’t be factual, but for Republicans, it won’t matter.

In other words, Hirsi Ali’s refusal to back down from her brave — not to mention personal — fight against Islamic radicalism makes her woefully unqualified to talk about … Islamic radicalism.

Is the SPLC’s hatred of Hirsi Ali supposed to hurt her? If anything, it reinforces her credibility.

Jones’ contention that Hirsi Ali isn’t a “reliable witness” to Islamic extremism is not only wrong, it’s downright disgusting.

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