Last summer, Slate published a piece on a school integration fight raging in New York City:

The Upper West Side is another place where the “rights” of rich parents are being pitted against the reality of the neighborhood’s demographics. The current battleground is the sought-after P.S. 452 on West 77th Street, a stone’s throw from the Museum of Natural History.

Like so many public schools in New York City, P.S. 452 has a lopsided enrollment, with a population that’s three-quarters white and Asian, with only 13 percent of kids qualifying for free lunch, in a district that’s 43 percent white and Asian and 48 percent low-income, according to a Chalkbeat story on the brewing controversy.

P.S. 452, which opened in 2010 to relieve overcrowding in other nearby sought-after schools, quickly became overcrowded itself. And so the city proposed moving the school, which currently shares a building with two other schools, 16 blocks south, to a site with more space that happens to be just adjacent to large housing projects. In one swoop, the city could solve the school’s capacity problem while improving its diversity.

Among the parents who were fighting integration? None other than Jason Jones, aka Mr. Samantha Bee.

How do you like that?

In an interview with Jake Tapper this weekend, Samantha Bee insisted that there just isn’t a “smug liberal problem.”

If he had, no doubt she would’ve also said there isn’t a racist liberal problem.