The New York Times is still in hot water after having the gall — the gall! — to hire conservative op-ed columnist Bret Stephens and allowing him to suggest that while climate change may be a very real threat, there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. A bunch of prominent liberals — you know, the open-minded oneslost their ever-loving minds.

This morning, Vox’s David Roberts jumped into the fray and joined the chorus of those suggesting that the NYT screwed up by giving Stephens a platform:

Roberts writes:

It takes a particular sort of insularity to hire a pro-war, anti-Trump white guy as a contribution to diversity on the NYT editorial page.

Worse, Stephens is the kind of conservative writer who has feasted on easy shots at liberals for so long that he has let himself get lazy. Read his interview with Vox’s Jeff Stein, who actually pushed him a little. He says things like this:

I think Black Lives Matter has some really thuggish elements in it. Look — at the risk of being incredibly politically incorrect, but I guess that’s my job — I think that all lives matter. Not least black lives.

“All lives matter”? The nerve! But that’s still not nearly as egregious as his biggest offense, according to Roberts: His stance on climate change.

Oh, and did we mention this?

Because why not?

It doesn’t, really. But Vox isn’t known for making compelling cases, are they? Ironic that one of Roberts’ complaints about Stephens is the latter’s taking “easy shots at liberals” when liberals like Roberts make it so easy to call them out on their own B.S.



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