As Twitchy told you, many in the media are running with the CBO’s estimate that in the first year of the AHCA, 14 million fewer people would be insured. That number would balloon to 24 million within the first decade of the program’s implementation. What much of the media have failed to acknowledge, however, is that the CBO also estimated that many of those “losing” their coverage would do so voluntarily, once they’re no longer legally required to have health insurance.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren is persisting in doing what she does best: pushing a false narrative.

Cue the choir:

Oddly enough, still no tears for all the people who have already lost their coverage thanks to Obamacare. Guess Liz can’t spare the moisture.

Criticism of the AHCA goes a lot further when it’s not coming from an Obamacare cheerleader.