It’s not enough that several prominent retailers have dropped Ivanka Trump’s fashion lines. The tolerant Left won’t rest until they’ve littered the ground with the scorched remains of her success:

Why? Because she’s a Trump, that’s why!

It should be no surprise that the products Ivanka Trump sells are by turns boring and gaudy. If Donald Trump is, as Fran Lebowitz famously claimed, “a poor person’s idea of a rich person,” the Ivanka Trump brand sells a bland white-collar woman’s idea of a powerful lady boss who enjoys comfortably enclosed bits of fun like “a night out” and “date nights.” Ivanka Trump’s lines are incoherent, dull, dated, and largely manufactured outside the U.S. Department stores would be right to drop her products from their shelves even if she wasn’t essentially endorsing a white nationalist agenda on the world stage.

But Macy’s still carries Ivanka Trump shoes, giving consumers reason to wonder how committed the company is to its social and political ideals. Ivanka, with her seeming intelligence and glamour, made Donald Trump more palatable to wary voters; her poise and business success were direct contributors to his ascent to incomprehensible power. She didn’t call immigrants rapists, but she quit her company so the man who did could be president. As long as companies profit from the Trump name, they’re more likely to act in ways that legitimize and advance the Trump presidency—hence the blanket boycott of stores that carry Ivanka’s goods. The president’s favorite daughter has benefited from the “luxury and success” connotations of the Trump name. Now that she’s helped mainstream its association with Muslim bans and press suppression, she should suffer the consequences.

Is this official Slate policy now? Punish the daughter for things her father has said and done? Doesn’t seem very feminist-friendly, now does it?



Because FEMINISM! Jessica Valenti cheers retailers for dropping Ivanka Trump’s line

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