Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This journalist has got the mother of all Trump scoops, right here:

Trump totally did it, you guys.

OK, wait. No he didn’t:

Good thing we cleared that up before anyone saw it, right? P.S. Trump is still racist and stuff:

Couldn’t resist, could you, John?

Is fact-checking just not a thing anymore? Is it just too difficult or time-consuming to bother making sure you know what you’re talking about?

Feels like we’ve been reading this story a whole lot lately. Frankly, we’re getting pretty tired of it.

Too bad that apology is only good until the next time he pulls the same crap.

You’re right, John. It’s not OK. Why does it take you — and your fellow journalists, for that matter — getting busted to realize and admit that it’s not OK?

You’re right about that, pal. Maybe it’s the only thing you’ve gotten right lately.

The media are in big trouble. Keep circling that drain — eventually you’re just gonna get sucked down with the rest of the garbage.



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