“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon recently decided to start making fun of Donald Trump. That should make people like Daily Beast writer Matt Wilstein really happy. But it doesn’t. No, not because Wilstein doesn’t despise Trump, but because Fallon was once nice to Trump. Apparently, that was a major faux pas and it means Fallon’s lost the right to make jokes:

Wilstein writes:

All of this would be harmless enough if Fallon hadn’t so utterly fallen down on the job when he secured Trump’s last late-night interview before the election this past September. Not only did Fallon comically muss Trump’s hair like he was an adorable toddler, but he failed to press him on any substantive issues even though he knew millions would be watching. When Trump claimed to “know nothing” about Vladimir Putin, Fallon didn’t blink.

As the Trump presidency gets underway in earnest and the unconscionable and unconstitutional actions begin to pile up, any comedic take on President Trump is going to need to be a lot tougher than this—see Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, and most recently The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj.

If Jimmy Fallon wants to get political on his show, turning Trump into the bumbling host of The Price Is Right: White House Edition is not going to cut it.

Dang. There’s just no making some people happy!

Of course it doesn’t absolve anyone of criticism. But that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize your criticism for being thoroughly asinine.