We know this will come as a huge shock to you, but Moms Demand’s Shannon Watts has a big ol’ bee in her bonnet. The object of her ire today? None other than Bass Pro Shops. Their sin? Liking a tweet from NRA News urging support for rape survivor and Second Amendment activist Kimberly Corban (who, by the way, handily schooled Watts just yesterday):

NRA News’ tweet did not refer to all women as puppets and minions, of course; only Watts and her Everytown goons. Which is accurate, if we’re being honest, given their penchant for blindly lining up behind Watts even as she crusades to ensure that women are unable to defend themselves. Case(s) in point:

Fortunately for Bass Pro Shops, there are still plenty of gun owners (and supporters of gun rights) who are more than happy to give Bass their business. Dana Loesch is one of them:

And there are lots more where that came from:



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