Maybe you heard yesterday about the Jewish family who had been forced to flee Lancaster County after Fox News and Breitbart reported that they had complained about a school production of “A Christmas Carol.” Lefty outlets like Slate couldn’t get enough of the story.

Just one teensy problem: The family didn’t “flee” at all. They went on vacation.

But, just as has been the case with countless examples of “fake news,” the damage had already been done. And CNN’s Jake Tapper, for one, has had more than enough of this garbage:

Tapper’s got a message for all the lefty “news” outlets out there falling all over themselves to push unsubstantiated crap:

A. Freakin’. Men.

Tapper’s a rare breed these days: A journalist with integrity. A journalist who’s capable of introspection.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for most of the rest of the MSM (including some of Tapper’s CNN colleagues). So Tapper’s advice may very well fall on deaf ears.