Seriously. Takes don’t come any hotter than this:

In his Forward op-ed, Rabbi Avraham Bronstein concludes:

Clinton is well-regarded for being one of the best listeners in politics, and has shown a remarkable capacity for introspection and thoughtful reflection on the campaign trail. Along these lines, a Clinton presidency could broadly empower vast swaths of the country to speak and be heard, but also challenge them to listen and empathize, in a way that we have not experienced in recent history. Creating a true sense of covenant would be difficult given the high levels of distrust that exist today, but perhaps it is the most critical work we can do.

The rabbis, according to [Professor Dov] Weiss, rejected an imperial conception of a God who is always correct and rules dictatorially, in favor of a God with whom we might experience the depth and power of an intimate covenantal relationship. A month after Rosh Hashanah, we should do the same when we choose our president.


OK, so. Hillary is just like God. Let us count the ways:

Wow! They could be twins!

What a time to be alive, huh?