Now that he’s finished running for president, Bernie Sanders can go back to being his usual socialist nutball-y self:

More from the Wall Street Journal:

This week, Aetna Inc. said it will withdraw from 11 of the 15 states where it currently offers plans, the latest major national insurer to sharply pull back its participation.

“It is disappointing that Aetna has joined other large for-profit health insurance companies in pulling out of the insurance marketplace,” he said in a statement. “Despite the Affordable Care Act bringing them millions more paying customers than ever before, these companies are more concerned with making huge profits then ensuring access to health care for all Americans.”

He added: “The provision of health care cannot continue to be dependent upon the whims and market projections of large private insurance companies whose only goal is to make as much profit as possible.”

Or maybe — just maybe — those “large private insurance companies” want to stay in business. And maybe — just maybe — companies like Aetna are pulling out of the marketplace because Obamacare was doomed to fail.

Maybe — just maybe — Dems wanted Obamacare to fail all along.