This evening, ABC networks will be broadcasting “The President and the People: A National Conversation.”:

More from ABC News:

The town hall will be moderated by “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir and held in Washington D.C. It will focus on candid discussions on race relations, justice, policing and equality by the members of the community. ESPN’s Jemele Hill will join Muir.

The one-hour event will come just days after President Obama attended a Dallas memorial for five police officers shot dead last week by a sniper. It also comes after two black men were killed by officers in Louisiana and Minnesota — controversial shootings that sparked a wave of protests.

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner — who died in July 2014 after an NYPD officer put him in a choke hold — was invited to participate in tonight’s event. But all she got out of it was disappointment.

Just a few hours before the town hall is set to air, Garner’s blasting this presidential “farce”:




More from Garner:


Now that it has aired, it’s clear that Garner’s “disturbance” was most definitely cut from ABC’s prime time broadcast. How much more transparency is this administration going to treat us to?



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