Did what? Oh, you know. Just this:

And yes, there’s video:

Trump may not be crazy about Mexicans, but he sure does love “his” African-American!

There is something very, very wrong with that man.



From the Washington Examiner:

“We had a case where we had an African-American guy who was a fan of mine. Great fan, great guy. In fact, I wanna find out what’s going on with him,” Trump said, before suddenly pointing to a person in the audience who had caught his attention with a cheer.

“Ah, look at my African-American over here, look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee yelled at the crowd.

So, the context … really doesn’t make what Trump said sound a whole lot better. The man still needs to have a serious talk with his handlers if he wants to fight this perception that he’s a racist jackass.