As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump denied today that he ever tried to pass himself off as his own publicist “John Miller” in the early 1990s. If that’s indeed the case, he should probably have a talk with his 25-years-younger self.

Because this could be a problem:

From the People article [emphasis ours]:

Just two weeks ago, though, Ms. Maples was not even taking The Donald’s calls. Not after a PEOPLE reporter played her a tape on June 26 of a man saying that he was a Trump publicist named John Miller. A shocked, devastated Marla identified the voice as that of Trump himself. He announced, among other things, that he’d traded in his Georgia peach for an Italian model (Carla Bruni). “When I heard his voice on that tape saying those things, I said, ‘Whoa! Uh-uh. No more,’ ” says Marla. “If he could say all that stuff and act like it’s cool to have this playboy image, then oh my gosh, all I could say was, ‘Baby, you’re on your own.'”

So she packed a bag, ducking the press as well as The Donald’s persistent appeals to reconcile, and took refuge at the Greenwich, Conn., home of her close friend, morning talk show host Kathie Lee Gilford. There she talked, prayed (she and Kathie Lee are both devout Christians) and came to a Donald-less conclusion: “I realized I was not going to die without this person in my life.”

Meanwhile a penitent Don Juan-ald had come to the opposite conclusion. The John Miller fiasco he called a joke gone awry. “What I did became a good time at Mar-la’s expense, and I’m very sorry,” says the newly humbled tycoon. As for his wandering eye, “I’d felt that I needed space and freedom after the divorce, so I took the opportunity to go out with other women, but I kept coming back to Marla. I realized, why go looking for something when you already have exactly what you want?”

In other words, he was John Miller … before he wasn’t. Or something.

Sounds about right.

Awww, maybe we’re being too hard on him.




But wait! There’s more:

From WaPo:

During testimony in a lawsuit that dealt with his employment of undocumented migrant workers from Poland on the Trump Tower project, the real estate mogul was asked if he had ever used the name “John Barron.”

“I believe on occasion I used that name,” Trump replied (though he would note he wasn’t specifically asked whether he used the name with the press).




Just keeps getting better.



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