Poor Trump. Since everybody always wants to put him on TV, he’s got to find creative ways to keep his speeches fresh and inspiring!

Good thing he’s got a very good brain and can come up with brilliant stuff like what he told an Indiana audience this afternoon (emphasis ours):

“I do a lotta business with China. And I love China. China’s fine. I made a lotta money with China. They have the biggest bank in the world, it’s my tenant in Manhattan in one of my buildings. Good tenant. Pays the rent on time. This is a serious … the bank has 400 million customers. That’s a big bank. That means that Citibank — I said to the head of the bank, “How big are you compared to, let’s say, Citibank?” And they said, “That is like a small subsidiary,” you know, it’s like. It’s true. It’s like a little bank, by comparison. But it’s my tenant. I have two big buildings: Bank of America Building in San Francisco, and 1290 Avenue of the Americas — one of the biggest buildings in New York, biggest floor place. And I got that through China. Not friendly. Unfriendly. It was a war. And it’s turned out to be a great deal with a wonderful partner. And we ended up making a fantastic deal. And they buy condos like they’re, uh, like they’re mashed potatoes from me. You understand. Like pancakes.


Nope. Not really.