At last night’s debate, Hillary Clinton interrupted Bernie Sanders while he was attempting to make a point. Sanders made it clear he didn’t appreciate that. And according to The Fix’s Janell Ross, that makes him … kind of sexist.

No, really:

Ross writes:

On Sunday night, Bernie Sanders was in the middle of explaining his rationale for having reservations about the 2008 auto bailout — too much of the aid went to Wall Street — when former [sic] Hillary Clinton interrupted. Clinton got out a few words before Sanders, hand raised and moving in the (surprisingly tight) space between the two candidates and interjected.

“Excuse me, I’m talking,” he said.

Does Sanders have the capacity to recognize the way these moments look or think deeply about the degree to which sexism propels his debate-stage performances? Whether that chauvinism is real or imagined or even toyed with by his opponent for political gain, why can’t Sanders find a better way to manage these moments? And, is some combination of all of the above something that a 21st-century presidential candidate has simply got to consider and manage effectively?

Read the whole thing, if only to see its full stupidity.

OK, so, unlike what WaPo’s tweet suggests, it was Hillary doing the interrupting. Ross acknowledged that herself.

Yet somehow, Bernie’s the bad guy here? There are plenty of reasons to criticize Bernie Sanders. But crying sexism here is ridiculous.

So nice try, Janell, but you’re doing it wrong.