Looks like Mike Huckabee’s not afraid of a little friendly competition. Emphasis on “friendly”:

So, does this mean Huckabee’s ditching tonight’s FNC debate for greener pastures in Donald Trump’s spotlight?

Oh. OK, then.

What’s in it for Huck?


Guess we’ll have to wait and see.




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  • kennyraisin

    As a vet I say this. Leave the vets out of politics, period. In other words to quote Don Corelone, “What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?”

    • The Dragon

      The vets don’t want donations from any of these campaigns. They just want to be left out of it.

      • kennyraisin

        Got that right

      • Dave Suchy

        then stop with the begging commercials on TV, since vets magically dont need help anymore.

        • Jill

          The commerciald are sanctioned by every vet? Who knew? Mu nephew, wounded in Iraq, just got a sports bottle and a duffle bag from Wounded Warriors. I suppose that is compensation for losing a hand.

          • pajamakat

            No, it certainly is not. But those commercials were meant to tear at our heart strings. I stopped giving monthly to Wounded Warriors after reading about them. Please do tell me, seriously, what is the best organization to donate on a monthly basis. Our vets need all the support they can get but I don’t want my money going into somebody’s pocket or to pay for their parties. Thanks Jill.

      • Mark Wheeler

        Who are you to speak for all Vets? Speak for yourself.

    • Republicanvet
      • Petrucio14

        A used condom.

        • Republicanvet

          Certainly. Teenagers happy to find it in their desperation. Tossed out the window a few minutes later.

    • interestedobserver2

      Agreed. Where are all these guys when we really need help? People like Gary Sinise and Stacy Dash are always out there helping vets. People like Trump and Huckabee just want human props so they can do their Obama imitations.

    • Mark Wheeler


      • Republicanvet

        Ain’t gonna happen soon. Just today, Kimberly Graves, a VA manager who scammed almost $400,000 in travel pay to relocate to Philly after forcing the manager out there…had her demotion reversed by the MPSB. I am sure her fellow scam artist Rubens will also have hers reversed, and will then file lawsuits against the VA for smearing their reputations.
        VA management who had previously demoted them, couldn’t say enough good things about them today.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      Right on…and here’s a #DonCorleone quote for every bu++hurt Trumpeter circling the wagons around Trump: BE A MAN!!!

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Bootlicker licks boots.

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    Huckabee doesn’t have enough juice for VP. Maybe a cabinet post?

    • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      I wouldn’t let him handle a cabinet from Ikea…

      • Acuda4me ✓Please!

        Not without instructions, anyway.

        • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          He never follows instructions, because he knows better than ANY of us peons…

  • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Now, nobody’s gonna buy that crap from Huckleberry Hound for a second. He’s so far in the dumper right now he’d do better hanging on to Martin O’Malley’s coattails…

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      Oooooh, not O’Malley….

      • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        Yes, such is the depth of my…

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          heh heh heh….

        • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

          Doc Farmer FTW! 🙂

    • Acuda4me ✓Please!

      As much as we laugh at O’Malley, he’s smart to hang in there. I mean is it really a stretch to think Hillary AND Sanders might not go the distance?

      • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

        Well, he’s said to have good abs so he might have endurance, even if he doesn’t have much of a hope.

  • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

    Trump/Huck?? Oh yeah, THAT’S a winning ticket right there. /sarc

    • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Trump/Busey 2016
      Because America DESERVES It…

      • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

        Make. It. Happen.

        Someone needs to photoshop that campaign poster!!!

      • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

        Trump Busey 2016.
        Because Charlie Sheen was in rehab.

        • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          Good tag line!

        • Walter Sobchak


        • kennyraisin

          God I love Gary On Smoking Gun Presents World’s Dumbest… Very few things I laugh at out loud anymore.

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          LOVE IT!!!!

        • ClydeCrashcup

          Well there is one genius who thinks Gary is just swell:

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Why don’t you come to your senses
    Been out ridin’ fences, for so long now
    Oh, you’re a hard one
    But I know that you’ve got your reasons
    These things that are pleasin’ you
    Can hurt you somehow

  • Carolyn#OYSD

    Every bride needs a bridesmaid. To do the heavy lifting.

  • Kevin Giltrud

    Huckabee = Uninvited Party Crasher.

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      Wondering if he’ll try to get on stage with Trump.

  • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

    When’s Rush going to get around to blowing even MORE smoke up trump’s ass? That’s all he’s been doing since he came on. This will give him just another opportunity to make sure he can still play on trump’s golf courses. Pathetic.

    (edit) had to turn off Rush. He’s become a polyp in trump’s colon at this point.

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      Rush for better or worse has avoided endorsing primary candidates, believing that the voters know best. In this day and age I don’t think it works anymore, but he’d been doing that for years so at least he’s consistent. I’ve listened to him on occasion and he seems to be on the margins, carefully choosing his words and providing analysis and commentary only. Reading between the lines however it’s easy for me to recognize he prefers the proven conservative in the race.

      I’m interested in knowing if Mark Levin has endorsed anybody. My money would be on Cruz.

      • The Dragon

        Levin will most likely endorse Cruz when he’s ready. He always talks very highly of him. And rightfully so.

      • Acuda4me ✓Please!

        Levin, who learned his radio craft from Rush, has also been carefully neutral.

        • Dave Suchy

          except when it comes to bashing Trump

          • Acuda4me ✓Please!

            You must be listening to a different Mark Levin, unless you define calling people out when they say/do stupid things as “bashing.”

      • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

        I know he has refrained in the past, but this…. This is different. He consistently defends every little thing donald dork does and, while he will throw a bone to Cruz once in awhile, he spends 95% of his show speaking of donald dork in GLOWING terms. It’s gotten so I can’t listen to him anymore. And don’t even get me started on Michael Savage….

        If past statements (and the hate directed at him on Breitbart) are to be believed, I think Levin is in Camp Cruz without saying it outright.

        • Michael the white suburbanite

          trouble is Trump is keeping himself in the news more than anybody

        • tbmbuzz


      • Conservative4Ever

        Levin is close to endorsing. Both he & Rush have consistently stated that Cruz is the most principled conservative in the race. Each have stated Cruz would be outstanding POTUS & is clearly the smartest of the entire GOP class of buffoons running.

        That said, I disagree with both on voting for whomever is nominated. Romney was the last straw for me. I swore I’d never vote for another RINO again. I will either vote for Cruz or write his name in. The RINO’s will only work with democrats. That is why our Country is so fu**ed up.

        No one should be working with the Democrats. Yet Trump was on MSNBC this week stating he will work with Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer. That makes Trump a RINO.

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

    Trump Huckster 2016. Because The Donald needs someone who can speak Christian.

  • kennyraisin

    Now that I think about it I’m not sure which is worse, being a vet and witnessing this or being Huckabee’s proctologist. Either way the view is the same.

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      2 Corinthians walk into a bar…

      • kennyraisin

        Should have been a Henny Youngman line.

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          Indeed. 🙂

  • https://disqus.com/home/channel/ncaafchattertalkaboutcollegefootball/ David ✓’ed out

    Huckabee has absolutely nothing to lose by doing it. He certainly understands that there is no way he will ever get enough support to win the GOP nomination, and that his campaign is just for show. But, if he can show Trump that he is willing to go along to get along, he might be angling for a position in a potential Trump administration.

    • Dave Suchy

      maybe he just wants to do something to help vets?

      • https://disqus.com/home/channel/ncaafchattertalkaboutcollegefootball/ David ✓’ed out

        Possibly, but Huckabee has had his whole life to help out vets, and is conveniently trying to do both in one night, and the host just happens to be the current GOP frontrunner?

        Forgive the skepticism, but he is a politician. They rarely do things because they “just want to help”.

      • Conservative4Ever

        BS. If he wanted to help vets he would’ve already done so. One doesn’t make a spectacle of showing support for vets w/o already doing so. This is to elevate himself. It has nothing to do with vets. They are being used as props only.

  • Pookiedr

    Huckster/Huckster 2016

  • NannoH

    Huckabee wouldn’t be a bad choice for VP at all.

    • Rogue Cheddar

      Sure, if your pro-amnesty and pro-choice.

    • Conservative4Ever

      Umm yes he would be a bad choice.

  • Gregor Eisenstein

    F-off and GTFO of anything connected with politics, Schmuckabee. You’re the worst kind of sore loser…the kind who tries to torch the place if you don’t win.

  • https://twitter.com/fedupamerican5 EverydayWoman

    There are lots of welcoming tweets about Huckabee’s decision but Twitchy is only curating hateful condescending ones from Cruz supporters/ anti Trump people!

    • aka_m

      Good. It matches most of the comments section 🙂

  • wineskin

    There must be something wrong with me because I am loving Trump since this FOX debacle went down…

    • aka_m

      Try thorazine.

      • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

        Or Geodon.

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      It’s not a debacle, it’s a stunt. Remember nothing at this level of the game happens by accident. Even those who’ve been following this stuff for a long time can be swayed by the game’s master manipulators. The trick is not to let them and still arrive at a sound, solid choice with a proven track record of doing what he’s always said.

      • Mike Bittner

        i.e. Cruz!

  • freeinaz

    So Huckabee shows up in time for Trump to leave and make it to the debate causing more media coverage for himself.

  • jaded

    Should be noted that Huckabee’s SuperPac also put out there a (cheesy) ad against Cruz… regarded Cruz’s tithing being at 1% and something about gay marriage (I didn’t quite get that comment in the ad). I thought Huckabee dropped out. So does this mean he wasn’t invited to the first debate too?

    • Petrucio14

      These kinds of ads are at least partially responsible for his poll number being in the dumps.

      • jaded

        I just re-found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0gWmYQxbYU
        With him showing up with Trump, it makes me wonder if Trump is allowing others to hit on Cruz so he doesn’t have to… and with Huckabee: this ad and showing up with Trump, this might explain the slide of evangelicals supporting Trump.

        • Russ

          Whoa. This ad is based on the premise that anyone who doesn’t give away 10% or more of his or her income to charity isn’t fit to be elected?

          Most of these candidates are in the top income bracket for earned income, which overall gets lowered when unearned income is factored in at a lower rate, and that’s just for federal. Add in state, local (if any), and property/school taxes, and it adds up really fast. *I* sure as heck consider the vast majority of what fed/state/local government takes from me to be charity. I know I’m not getting anywhere near my money’s worth of services back in return.

          • jaded

            I really hate it when campaigns guilt each other on donations. And, I do know that many are at odds with the flat 10% tithe as well–even with holy-roller, mega-church pastors devoting many sermons towards tithing or be cursed (ala Robert Morris).

    • Hashtag pundit

      As opposed to Huckleberry who tithes mint, dill, and cumin but is an ahole.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    “Mike Huckabee ‘will attend’ Trump’s ‘special event’ tonight”

    Why not, it’s not like he had anything better to do.

  • Dobermite

    Tonights debate without Trump is like Gladys Knight and the Pips without Gladys.

    Why would anyone want to sit thru 2+ hours of just the Pips?

    NO THANK YOU – I’ll be watching the lead singer tonight at his rally for the vets.

    • ClydeCrashcup

      I really don’t recall anyone asking what you’d be up to tonight. Soo…

    • Hashtag pundit

      More like a Star Trek convention without drunk Shatner doing his spoken word act.

  • ClydeCrashcup

    Huckleberry should never have been in the race to begin with, along with several others. Ego? Let him beg for VP spot or whatever as he’s really not that consequential.

  • JD Son✓MyWizIzTheShiz

    Huckster/Huckster 2016.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    More irrelevancy from the schmuck named Huck

  • Mark Wheeler


    • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated


    • Hashtag pundit

      Stop shouting. Also, you’re wrong.

  • Mark Wheeler






    TRUMP A Modern Day Patriot !!!

    —————————————- + TRUMP 2016 + —————————————-



    • Hashtag pundit


  • Tyrconnell

    I wonder if Huckaphoney is planning to reprise his 2008 McCain role for Trump?

    • Republicanvet

      I am sure that has been his intention all along. Throw his delegates to whomever might win so he can benefit personally.

      I cannot fathom how he has any supporters after what he did in 2008.

  • JPT

    Trump doesn’t want to actually be president.

    Trump’s running mate: Mitt. If they win, at the State of the Union address, Trump announces his resignation and then the real fun begins.

  • deepdiver

    Huckabee is despicable on numerous levels. Can’t stand the guy and don’t know that I could vote for any POTUS ticket which included him. Any POTUS candidate with such bad judgment as to pick Huck probably doesn’t have good enough judgment to be POTUS.

  • Karla1953

    Too funny earlier he was trying to get Trumps podium on the stage at the main event…I think he might have to fight someone else for the VP slot though(explains so much though)

    From the CNN Twitter TL

    CNN ‏@CNN 47m47 minutes ago

    Joe Scarborough won’t rule out being @realDonaldTrump’s running mate http://cnn.it/1lUv6Yw

  • west coast raffy

    Everyone knows TrumpHuck rhymes with DumPhuck…

  • Michael

    I’m guessing Huckabee has something against Megyn Kelly too. Remember this?