Man, we sure hope so.

While President Obama’s still stomping his petulant feet over being called out for vastly underestimating ISIS, aka the “JV team,” Marco Rubio’s actually acting, well, kinda presidential:

Regardless of how you feel about Rubio’s presidential candidacy, can we at least agree that it’s refreshing to hear someone speak this way about bloodthirsty terrorists?

More from NBC News:

CARROLL, Iowa — Sen. Marco Rubio said Monday he wants to show the world how ISIS leaders “cry like babies” when captured in hopes of dissuading recruits from joining on to the extremist group.

Speaking to a small audience at a snow-covered ranch in Carroll, Iowa, Rubio offered further details on his plan to combat ISIS, responding to an audience question on the issue.

“I believe we should be carrying out attacks against Sunni leadership nodes, videotaping the whole thing and putting it up on Youtube so that the world can see these people are not invincible,” he said. “I want the world to see how these ISIS leaders cry like babies when they’re captured. I want the world to see how these ISIS leaders, once captured, begin to sing like canaries if they survive.”

A. Freaking. Men.

Humiliation shouldn’t be the only weapon we have against these barbarians, but it’s still a darn good one. And we’d be foolish not to use it.

Hey, let’s go for it. And then maybe we can take it up a notch:

We like the sound of that.