Darn right, it is. And it’s especially perfect today because it sums up how we’re feeling about this news:

More from WaPo:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Monday that medical scans show no sign of the cancer he was diagnosed with five months ago, indicating that 18 weeks of intensive chemotherapy have put the disease into remission.

Doctors will continue to monitor Hogan (R) regularly for signs of a recurrence. But at this point, the test results are the best possible news for the first-term governor, whose battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma made him a vocal and visible advocate for cancer patients and resulted in him juggling state responsibilities with treatments that left him weaker and immuno-compromised.

“Incredibly, as of today, I am 100 percent cancer-free,” Hogan said at an emotional news conference in the governor’s reception room at the Maryland statehouse in Annapolis. He was interrupted by a standing ovation from the dozens of family members, friends and aides who had packed the room.


Fantastic! Congratulations, Governor!




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