This tweet from CNN International is amazing — in the worst possible way:

Allow them to elaborate:

To some outsiders, it looks firmly stuck in the 1950s. Vintage cars roam the streets, the landscape is absent of strip malls and global chains, and the buildings — though crumbling — hark back to a grander time.

It is these throwbacks that lend Havana, the country’s capital, an undeniable charm. A charm that, some worry, is in peril once the U.S. embargo lifts.

“We’re still in 1959, that’s the beauty of the city, and eventually all of this is going to change,” says Hugo Cancio, a Cuban-American entrepreneur and president of Fuego Media Group.

That is, like, so true! After all, nothing says “undeniable charm” and “beauty” like nonexistent infrastructure, jailed dissidents, abject poverty, rampant death and disease  …

Sorry, CNN International. But you trippin’.

Next up from CNN International:

Just you wait.

Dead as a doornail.