If you were hoping to catch President Obama’s big executive amnesty announcement on one of the big English-language broadcast networks tonight, well, you’re outta luck. You’ll have to tune in to Telemundo or Univision.

And Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert is so mad, he could just bite his pillow:

This is proof that the media hate Obama!

Nice try, Eric, but no.

As The Washington Post notes, the president’s 8 p.m. announcement comes at a particularly opportune time for reaching a “captive audience of Hispanic television viewers”: the 15th annual Latin Grammys, which airs on Univision starting at 7 p.m. Last year around 9.8 million viewers tuned into the awards ceremony. Univision is doing its part to make sure the president’s message reaches its millions of viewers by temporarilypostponing the show to broadcast Obama’s address.

Though Politico reports that the White House is “exasperated” that the big English-speaking networks “snubbed” the announcement, the same report reveals that the Obama administration didn’t bother sending the standard formal request for coverage to networks Wednesday. Instead, the White House simply posted an announcement of the message on its Facebook page—perhaps the first such announcement of its kind.




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