It’s gonna take Salon some time to get over Wendy Davis cementing her loser status. Their butthurt goes so deep, they’ll seize on any excuse they can to explain what’s happened.

Here’s a recent one:

As Salon super-feminist Jenny Kutner explains, Wendy Davis lost because white women. No, really. Just look at the data and stuff:

I went to the Texas Tribune first for a dissection of the election results, and one piece of information struck me as particularly… wrong. The Tribune cited CNN exit polls to illustrate the landslide, saying Abbott “beat Davis by lopsided margins with white voters (72-27), men (65-34) and women (52-47). Davis beat Abbott among Latinos (57-42) and African-Americans (93-7).” Last time I checked, though, there were thousands upon thousands of women in Texas considered Latina and African-American — what about their votes?

As RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes reports, their votes were solidly in Davis’ favor: 94 percent of black women and 61 percent of Latinas voted for her. Only 32 percent of white women did. That’s certainly not enough women to say that Abbott won the whole gender (though that’s a ludicrous statement in the first place). It seems to be enough, though, to result in the erasure of votes from women of color, Grimes notes:

You’ll hear that Greg Abbott “carried” women voters in Texas. Anyone who says that is also saying this: that Black women and Latinas are not “women,” and that carrying white women is enough to make the blanket statement that Abbott carried all women. That women generally failed to vote for Wendy Davis. As if women of color are some separate entity, some mysterious other, some bizarre demographic of not-women. […]

So, in other words, just because a majority of Texas women voted for Greg Abbott … doesn’t mean Greg Abbott won the female vote? For what it’s worth, that’s what Kutner’s pal, political reporter Andrea Grimes, is going with, too.

Well, maybe if she’d elaborate on “this crisis of empathy thing” …

Welp, at least she tried, right?

She may be stuck in her precious little bubble, but there are plenty of people who aren’t.



Oh, honey. No. Just do yourself a favor and stahp.

Apparently not.

Except when it’s this: