NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is bummed over Eric Holder’s resignation:

But you know what should really be bothering him? The fact that he may very well be guilty of groundhog homicide, brought on by a bad case of butterfingers:

More from The Washington Free Beacon:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was holding up Chuck, the “Punxutawney Phil” of New York, on Feb. 2 when he infamously fumbled the winter-weather prognosticator, who fell nearly six feet to the ground.

The groundhog was found dead a week later. Now, the New York Post reports that there may have been a zoo coverup to keep de Blasio—and the public—from finding out about the details of the innocent beast’s demise.

This has all the trappings of a major scandal. PETA should be all over this.

Here’s said statement:

PETA statement on groundhog

That’s it, PETA? That’s all you’ve got? New York City resident and master Twitter troll @redsteeze, for one, isn’t going to stand for that kind of half-assery:

A punt to the zoo? Oh, PETA … we expect better from you.

That’s pretty much how it works, yeah.

Seriously, PETA, what kind of game are you playing?

Well, well, well:

Ah. Now it makes sense.


You know what might’ve prevented this tragedy?

Now we’re talkin’!

We’d ask a groundhog to make a prediction, but, well, we don’t want to get him into trouble with de Blasio.



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