Yesterday, 50 Democratic senators wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, urging the NFL to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something that isn’t a “racial slur.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has been calling for a name change for quite some time, weighed in on the Dems’ campaign:

“Sure not going to do any harm,” Reid said when asked about the letter. “The NFL has a lot of problems with all the lawsuits being filed against them for their negligence, and it would seem to me that it would make a lot of sense that they should get rid of having a group of Americans as mascots. They’re not mascots – they’re human beings. I have 22 tribes in Nevada and they’re insulted by this cavalier attitude about what they’re being called.”

Reid said he didn’t know why the signatures of Senate Republicans don’t appear on the letter. “They should get their own letter,” he said.

D.C.-born rapper Wale, though, isn’t impressed with Reid’s professed commitment to fighting racism. This morning, he took to Twitter to call out the “sketchy” senator:


Oh, and for the record, Wale wants to make it clear that this is solely about Harry Reid’s hypocrisy:

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