Well, not exactly … but you kinda get the impression that Politico still wants to play a big part in Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy. Because Hillary, natch!

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

“Embarrassing” is putting it mildly:

Chelsea Clinton’s announcement that she is expecting her first baby sent ripples Thursday through the nation’s political and media community, which has come to scrutinize the Clinton family’s every move with the rapt enthusiasm of a British tabloid photographer stalking the perimeter of Buckingham Palace.

By those standards, the youngest Clinton’s declaration was a politico-obstetric earthquake, a doozy of a story that highlighted both Chelsea Clinton’s growing personal prominence and Washington’s total fixation with the woman who could be the country’s first female president.



Oy. Vey.


And that’s just a taste of what we can look forward to.

Lucky us.



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